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singapore family high costs of living

There is a need to do more to support women and their families. Apart from providing quality childcare, we also need to recognise the need to redesign work for the modern woman. This enables them to juggle family responsibilities and still reach their career aspirations!

Singapore’s only female labour MP, Ms Yeo Wan Ling, has shared about the need to help companies “redesign work for women”. This includes changing the way companies view arrangements like flexible work. It is as simple as offering females the convenience of working in offices near their homes. This facilitates any childcare or caregiving needs that may arise.

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Jamus Lim wealth tax

Bearing in mind that we are already taxed according to our income levels, a wealth tax will be an additional tax on those who have more than $10 million. It also means that those who may not have an income, ie. those who obtained their wealth through inheritance, will be taxed as well.

This is again, additional to the inheritance tax in Singapore that is imposed. For those who are curious, inheritance tax/estate duty is at 5% for every dollar of the first $12 million; and 10% for every dollar exceeding $12 million.

This means that an individual who may have inherited substantial wealth and is earning his own income will be taxed thrice according to Jamus Lim’ proposal. Once for income tax, another for inheritance tax/estate duty and lastly, the wealth tax.

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There is a loud minority clamouring that the differentiated measures are unfair. But the truth is, majority of our workforce is vaccinated. As of 17 Oct 2021, 96% of the total workforce has been vaccinated. Nevertheless, there remains around 113,000 employees who have yet to be vaccinated. Of these 113,000 employees, only a small proportion are medically ineligible for vaccination in Singapore.

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Muslim women will comply with requirements in specific clinical settings including keeping forearms free from clothing to reduce infection

"Where there is a lack of guidance, some may feel that their faith is compromised. This could even lead to the blaming and guilting of Muslims for choosing jobs or placing themselves in situations where their faith cannot be fully practised," said the Mufti of Singapore, Dr Nazirudin.

The Mufti noted that Islam is a religion full of blessings, mercy and compassion. "It looks into the circumstances we face, and seeks to facilitate our lives and provides solutions to our challenges," said Dr Nazirudin. "This spirit of Islam is not drawn from rules and laws alone, but from its principles and values. This approach allows us to engage constructively with our social realities and empower us to contribute to the community, society and nation."

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10X Genomics celebrates grand opening of its Singapore facility, its first outside the US

Singapore is selected because of the Singapore government's commitment to the biotechnology industry and business-friendly practices, world-class manufacturing expertise and strong talent pool.

"Singapore is a global hub for biotechnology with a thriving innovation ecosystem and strong research community," said Serge Saxonov, Co-founder and CEO of 10x Genomics. "We sincerely thank the Economic Development Board of Singapore for their incredible support and partnership and the 10x teams in Singapore and California for their tremendous efforts in bringing this site online. We are thrilled to grow our presence here and are excited to contribute to Singapore's culture of science and innovation as we work to fulfill the promise of this Century of Biology."

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