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The Food Services industry employs a large number of low-wage workers. There is a need to hold companies accountable for workers’ wages and welfare, and this includes paying their salaries on time, and in full.

In February, Twelve Cupcakes employees voted in favour of the Union to represent them. The successful unionisation of Twelve Cupcakes, was announced by the Food, Drinks and Allied Workers Union (FDAWU) in a Facebook post. Good move. The Union is working closely with the management to improve the workers’ well-being, uplift wages and upskill the workers in preparation for the economy’s recovery.

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Any concerns about the GRC system can be addressed but don't throw out the baby with the bathwater. NMP Raj Joshua Thomas said that the GRC system is a uniquely Singaporean feature of our election that we must keep.

The GRC system is more than just about minority representation. It is about keeping politics in Singapore multiracial by ensuring that aspiring political parties are multiracial in their composition. This, in turn, will ensure that their are multiracial in their outlook. Removing it will have grave consequences.

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Ethnic Integration Policy (EIP) is still needed, Pritam says

National Development Minister Desmond Lee is glad that WP has made a clear, political change of position on the need for the EIP. As Desmond elaborated, we still need the EIP:

"Because we want our void decks, playgrounds and hawker centres to be places where we meet and get to know neighbours from other races.
Because we want our children to grow up with children of different races.
Because we want to avoid situations where racial segregation in housing leads to inter-generational inequality and deep-seated racial tensions.
Because that is how we press on towards our ideal of a cohesive and multiracial Singapore."

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Ng Chee Meng, NTUC Secretary General

The Tripartite Cluster for Lift & Escalator (TCLE) has conducted a review of the Lift & Escalator (L&E) PWM.

Recommendations include a six-year schedule of wage increase to the L&E PWM baseline wages from 1 July 2023 to 30 June 2029. This builds on the existing PWM Transitional Wage Benchmark agreed upon in 2018 which maps a schedule of transitional wage benchmarks from 2020 to 2022, A mandatory PWM Bonus is part of the recommendations.

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Ong Ye Kung speaks on the FTA strategy and the falsehoods surrounding CECA

"Simply put, we are too small to survive on our own, and we need to tap into global markets to earn a living, and be self-reliant. If we accept the basic reality that Singapore needs the world to earn a living, then we would realise the fundamental importance of all our FTAs. They are a keystone of the economic super-structure we have built. We could not have advanced the welfare of Singaporeans to the degree we have without FTAs.

When you attack FTAs, and worse if your attack succeeds, you are undermining the fundamentals of our existence, of the way we earn a living, all the sectors FTAs are supporting, and the hundreds of thousands of Singaporean jobs created in these sectors."

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