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Why is SPH share price falling?

The failing newspaper model is not uniquely SPH's. It is a global phenomenon, disrupted and broken by technology and the internet. Public-interest journalism remains critical and essential in the effective governing of a country as seen in this pandemic. The timely release of accurate information, and rebuttal of falsehoods have helped to keep people calm and united in facing the crisis together.

But the funding of such journalism through advertising revenues is no longer a viable option as the print media especially, is no match for tech giants for advertising dollars. Other solutions have to be found.

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2021 May Day Message

In his 2021 May Day Message, PM Lee Hsien Loong said that our outlook has brightened considerably compared to a year ago.

Already, our unemployment rate is gradually coming down, PM Lee said. "MTI had earlier forecast 4-6% GDP growth, but barring a setback to the global economy, growth this year is likely to exceed 6%," PM Lee said. "This will bring us back to where we were before COVID-19 struck," he added.

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