Former air steward is now a rising star in marketing

“Charming, sweet and sincere” are three words I would use to describe Matthew Mohan, a former air steward with SQ. He had been flying for 2.5 years, from 2019 till March 2021 before switching paths to do marketing. I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do at that time. The money was good, hence […]

An SQ Girl’s job search experience after leaving SIA

Yan Yee SIA

When Covid hit earlier this year, Yan Yee was not worried as she still had long haul flights in March. Then, the former SIA staff’s income was not significantly affected yet. “I knew the situation was getting serious when SIA offered the early release scheme. There was much fear that there would be no more […]

From one aviation hub to another: welcome Hong Kong!

Hong Kong

Transport Minister Ong Ye Kung was happy to announce the launch of a reciprocal Air Travel Bubble with Hong Kong. The first flights will depart on 22 November with 200 ‘bubble travellers’ both ways. This Air Travel Bubble is the first of its kinds for a number of reasons. Between 2 Aviation Hubs It is […]

Unilateral opening of borders signals to world that Singapore is open for business, says Ong Ye Kung

Ong Ye Kung - aviation

It is a small, cautious step to start to reopen aviation and resuscitate Changi Airport, as well as (Singapore Airlines). The aviation sector, Changi Airport and SIA (Singapore Airlines) do not concern just the aviation sector. It is linked to the whole economy.

“We need to start to take steps to open up in a safe manner that can revive Changi Airport, resuscitate the aviation sector,” Mr Ong said.

Reviving our Air Hub; COVID-19 set us back by at least 40 years

Reviving our Air Hub - Changi Airport

The airport, together with the seaport, are our lifelines, the two lungs of Singapore. COVID-19 has incapacitated one of our lungs, the airport. We used to register around 1000 flights a day but now it is reduced to just about 150 a day. Compared to the pre-COVID-19 volume of 20 million a year, today Changi […]

For Aviation Workers, 2020 May Just Be The Worst Year

Aviation workers

Warren Buffett has dumped his entire stake in airlines. Of the pandemic’s blow to air travel, the successful investor said that there was no joy in managing those companies right now. The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has released its financial outlook for the global air transport industry in 2020. The bad news? Airlines are […]