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Workers' Party should set up an independent disciplinary panel to investigate Raeesah's lie

Given that many questions had been raised including when the leadership knew of the lie and whether they were complicit in the lie, it's time for WP to put their favourite call into action: the formation of an independent panel. This is in view of what we learn from former NCMP Daniel Goh, that speeches were vetted before they were delivered in Parliament. This is also in view of the fact that Sylvia Lim, one of the leaders on the panel, had been described as dishonest by 2 high court judges.

Prof Daniel Goh who remains a cadre in the party said in a Facebook post, "The leadership must take some responsibility for allowing this transgression to happen and persist over several months. The statement was not made on impulse."

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Why WP Raeesah Khan must provide information for police investigation

WP Raeesah Khan must provide information to police for a proper investigation to be carried out on her allegation of the police's mishandling of a sexual assault case. This is because she made the allegation in a place no less than Parliament where every word is on record.

Not to carry out an investigation is to allow a record to stand unchallenged. If police are innocent, this record will be an unfair and unjust permanent stain on the police. If police had indeed mishandled the case as she alleged, an investigation will allow the due disciplinary process to follow. This is important to maintain the high standard of integrity and trust in the Police.

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