Three New Faces Unveiled in Sengkang GRC

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Three new faces have been unveiled as the new branch chairs of Sengkang Group Representation Constituency (GRC) earlier today (27 Mar). They are NUS Assoc Prof Elmie Nekmat; Ms. Theodora Lai Xi Yi, chief strategy officer of food website Burpple; and Mr. Ling Weihong, a lawyer, replacing Mr. Ng Chee Meng, Mr. Amrin Amin, and […]

Does GST hurt the poor the most? Arguments from PSP and WP.

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Despite Finance Minister Lawrence Wong taking great pains and going to great lengths to explain how the government has designed the GST in such a way that it is actually progressive and not regressive, and does not hurt the poorer segment of society, the opposition WP and PSP continue to mislead on the impact of […]

Committee of Privileges hearing on Raeesah’s lies: a timeline of events

Committee of Privileges hearing on Raeesah's lies: a timeline of events

No time to read the report or watch the full recording? Here’s a timeline of the events that took place as revealed at the Committee of Privileges.  7 Aug 2021 On 7 Aug 2021, 4 days after her speech in Parliament on 3 August, Ms Raeesah Khan spoke with Mr Pritam Singh, and informed him […]

Raeesah Khan resigns from Workers’ Party. Why resign now, asks Prof Daniel Goh.

Questions remain as Raeesah Khan resigns from Workers' Party

Workers’ Party Raeesah Khan has resigned from the Workers’ Party (WP). The party announced this in a statement on 30 November. Ms Khan had indicated to Mr Singh, the Secretary-General of WP, her intention to resign earlier in the day before conveying her intention to the CEC. Ms Khan’s resignation came before work by the […]

Netizens react to Raeesah Khan’s lie in Parliament

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Something unfortunate happened in Parliament yesterday. Yes, we’re talking about Raeesah Khan’s admission to lying about the allegations she made against the police on 3 Aug. A quick recap: In parliament on 3 Aug, Sengkang MP Raeesah Khan shared an anecdote, in which she detailed that -she had accompanied a 25-year-old woman to make a […]

Jamus Lim in review on year on: tracing his journey from GE2020

Jamus Lim A Year Review

GE2020 saw the Workers’ Party pull another upset on the PAP by winning another GRC, a newly created GRC at that. Jamus Lim with his impressive credentials and accented English, is believed to be the main reason for WP’s win in Sengkang GRC. More than one year on, we look at the impressions Jamus Lim […]

Sengkang GRC resident rolls up his sleeve and turns neighbourhood cleaner

Sengkang GRC resident rolls up his sleeve and turns neighbourhood cleaner

With no cleaners in sight and rubbish piling up for weeks, Sengkang resident Khairi Johari decided to roll up his sleeve and turn neighbourhood cleaner to clear the rubbish. “The estate is starting to look like a slum and I most certainly don’t call a slum my home,” he said. This rubbish has been sitting […]