COVID-19 Recovery Grant; up to $700 a month for individuals financially impacted by COVID-19

COVID-19 Recovery Grant

More help coming the way of individuals still impacted by the pandemic. Heard of the COVID-19 Recovery Grant? The Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) will launch the COVID19 Recovery Grant (CRG) on 18 January 2021 to support lower- to middle-income employees and self-employed persons (SEPs) who are financially impacted by COVID-19. Earlier measures […]

Retrenched at 57 with 4 Kids, Singaporean man says he is lucky to have his wife

Retrenched Ismail and his family

A hotel staycation, an outing to Universal Studios Singapore (USS) may be just another holiday activity that many Singaporean families “make do with” since travel plans are thrown out the window this year. But to Ismail and his family, these activities are almost out of reach. “Oh, can use the SingapoRediscovers Vouchers right?” I ask. […]

NTUC Care Fund to benefit more Singaporeans

NTUC care

As the pandemic affects lives and livelihoods, NTUC has stepped up measures to extend more assistance to union members through the NTUC Care Fund. During its first exercise, the NTUC Care Fund (Covid-19), supported 30,000 union members with a total payout of $8 million. A further $17 million is expected to be disbursed to union […]

Beautiful e2i career coach who packs a punch of wisdom

e2i Jacklyn

I didn’t expect to learn this much from a chat with an e2i career coach when Jacklyn first greeted me with a beaming smile. She has a knack at putting people at ease and felt more like an old friend. Jacklyn Lim, an e2i career coach since 2016, boasts an incredible track record of helping […]

How can our youth graduates and jobseekers cope during the pandemic?

Youth graduates

Our young people needs help to ride out this challenging time – everyone in the society needs to work together to stop the economic effects of this pandemic from disrupting these young graduates and young workers’ lives. On a brighter note, many youths do believe the pandemic will make their generation more resilient!

You know they don’t care for workers when they attack an effective union


Be careful with sites like TOC, which plagiarize, hire foreign ghost writers to attack foreign workers and immigration policies, and manipulate Singaporeans’ emotions to write articles for eyeballs. Ragebait headlines or hyperpartisan appeals that twist the facts are designed to  get traffic from people’s anger.

Providing care and support to workers in COVID-19 time

NTUC Job Security Council

The strong tripartite relationship between unions, employers and government is what sees Singapore through each crisis.

A weak labour movement cannot represent workers properly. It cannot get a fair deal from employers, cannot protect workers. What is bad for workers is bad for Singapore.

On the other hand, a strong labour movement but hostile, antagonistic and focused only on short-term interests of their members will hold back the country, and eventually, workers will get hurt.

A strong labour movement with strong support from workers, with a seat at the table, working closely and constructively with the government and employers working constructively to get the best deal for workers and find win-win solutions to all and advance national interests.