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Ethnic Integration Policy (EIP) is still needed, Pritam says

National Development Minister Desmond Lee is glad that WP has made a clear, political change of position on the need for the EIP. As Desmond elaborated, we still need the EIP:

"Because we want our void decks, playgrounds and hawker centres to be places where we meet and get to know neighbours from other races.
Because we want our children to grow up with children of different races.
Because we want to avoid situations where racial segregation in housing leads to inter-generational inequality and deep-seated racial tensions.
Because that is how we press on towards our ideal of a cohesive and multiracial Singapore."

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Majority must take extra step to make minority feel comfortable: Lawrence Wong

The majority must take extra step to make minorities feel comfortable because it is harder to be a minority in a multiracial society.

At the same time, it must be understood that the Chinese community is not monolithic. There exists a whole generation of Chinese who consider themselves disadvantaged in a English-speaking world, who would object to being characterised as 'Chinese privilege' because they have given up so much to sustain a multi-racial society: Chinese-language schools, Nanyang University, dialects and so on.

We must continue with our approach of mutual accommodation, trust and compromise, Mr Wong emphasised.

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Mufti Singapore Dr Nazirudin Exchange Letters with PM Lee Hsien Loong on Tudung Matters

Mufti Nazirudin welcomes the likely shift in policy on nurses wearing the tudung with their uniform and expressed deep appreciation of the opportunity to continuously provide feedback on many national issues including the tudung. In his reply, PM Lee thank the Mufti and MUIS for their support in Government's deliberations on the matter and said that change has to be carefully considered and gradual so that when it comes, it is understood by all communities and thus strengthen, rather than weaken, our social cohesion.

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