Lessons from Sri Lanka on bad politics, mismanagement and populism

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Good politics, honesty and integrity, and good governance are topics the PAP Government repeatedly remind Singaporeans of, sometimes like a broken record. But the experience of Sir Lanks tells us just how important these are. Sri Lanka is in its worst crisis since its independence in 1948.  A severe shortage of foreign currency has left […]

We have to manage our finances in a responsible way: Lawrence Wong

Prudence in Past Reserves- We have to manage our finance in a responsible way

In 1959, Singa­pore won self-governing status from the British, and general elections were held. Dr Goh Keng Swee resigned as a civil servant to contest as a PAP candidate. When the PAP won, Dr Goh became Singapore’s first Finance Minister. He soon discovered that the government was almost broke, and expected a budget deficit of […]