Lessons from Sri Lanka on bad politics, mismanagement and populism

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Good politics, honesty and integrity, and good governance are topics the PAP Government repeatedly remind Singaporeans of, sometimes like a broken record. But the experience of Sir Lanks tells us just how important these are. Sri Lanka is in its worst crisis since its independence in 1948.  A severe shortage of foreign currency has left […]

Legislate $1300 as the minimum and have your pay reduced to $1300

PAP Minimum Wage

Legislate $1300 as the mandated minimum wage and you will see 32,000 workers get a pay lift? Ya, right. In this current economic climate, the Government is paying a portion of salaries of 1.9 million Singaporeans through the Job Support Scheme in order to save your jobs. This support cannot go on indefinitely. The National […]

Universal minimum wage system is not suitable for Singapore

Universal minimum wage not suitable

In a forum letter published by Lianhe Zaobao, Dr Wu Zhengxiao, a Senior Lecturer in Singapore Management University (SMU) explained why universal minimum wage system is not suitable for Singapore. And here the translation of the forum letter: I recently read some articles about the minimum wage system. Many articles mentioned that the universal minimum […]

Dr. Jamus Lim – Wake Up!

Jamus Lim - Jamus Jerome Lim - Workers' Party - Minimum Wage

“The problem now is how to work the system of one man, one vote when we have to get quality leadership to the top. If we leave it to natural processes it will be a contest on television performances as in the West. And the best television performers and rally entertainers are not necessarily the best leaders who can deliver good government”

PAP MPs quiz Jamus on the universal minimum wage

Jamus lim universal minimum wage proposal

Upon being quizzed by PAP MPs, Jamus conceded that a universal minimum wage was not the ideal thing to introduce during a recession. He does not know what the appropriate minimum wage should be and he has no specific proposal for youth unemployment.