What’s the difference between an Employment Pass and a Tech.Pass?


Tech.Pass is a visa that allows established tech entrepreneurs, leaders or technical experts from around the world to come to Singapore to perform frontier and disruptive innovations. There are several differences between an Employment Pass and a Tech.Pass. For a start, one is an employment pass, the other is a visa. Employment Pass The Employment […]

Why does the government plan 500 tech passes amidst anti-foreigner sentiments?

anti-foreigner sentiments Tech.Pass EDB MOM

With the anti-foreigner sentiments exacerbated by the pandemic, why is the government issuing 500 tech passes? Is it to make themselves more unpopular? Not at all. The new Tech.Pass is a response to the stiff competition for global tech talent. It is a much needed booster to attract top tech talent in a fiercely competitive […]

Is it true that all jobs offered in Singapore are not good jobs?


Singaporeans often complain that there are no good jobs for them, even though the Govt frequently pledges to create and match Singaporeans to jobs. However, is this claim true? According to MOM’s jobs situation report released last Wednesday, out of the 117,500 openings available in end-August, 85,330 were for PMET roles. Recently, it was announced […]

A Singaporean son tells his story

Singaporean Son Navy start business work

I was born in the late 70s. When I was 6 months old I was given to my aunt to take care till I was secondary 1. I only went back to my own home on Saturday afternoon and returned back to my aunt’s place on Sunday night. Even for school holidays. When I studying […]