Workers’ Party Chief Pritam Singh Echoes PAP’s Call for Upskilling

Pritam Singh Google Upskilling & Retraining

In a Facebook post on 3rd December, Workers’ Party (WP) chief Pritam Singh, shared that he met with Google representatives last month. Over lunch, they discuss how the tech giant supports job opportunities for locals in Singapore. The Google team told Mr Singh and fellow Aljunied GRC MP, Leon Perera, that it has some initiatives […]

Did the PAP cancel out the WP motion? Or did something else happen?


By Indranee Rajah So what really happened with the amended motion in Parliament on Wednesday night? Did the PAP really cancel out the WP motion? Or did something else happen? Here’s how it went. WP filed a motion on our justice system. See the blue infographic. The original motion had 4 main aspects: An affirmation […]

Why the PAP Government is opposed to the minimum wage: Donovan Choy

TFP minimum wage

Minimum wages do not help to increase productivity. It is better to see the PWM as the govt straddling the middle ground between recognising that low-wage workers do have genuine problems amidst rising costs of living, and recognising that we shouldn’t take our eye off the problems of sluggish productivity growth.

CDCs: eyes and ears on the ground, hands and legs to implement programmes

CDC Mayors

CDCs – or Community Development Councils – often take a low profile, working quietly but steadily to fulfil their mission. But their contributions become vital and more apparent in times of crisis,  PM Lee said at the Swearing-In Ceremony of Mayors on 23 September 2020. Take the COVID-19 pandemic for example. The CDCs responded with […]

Like father, like son

Lee Hsien Loong Lee Kuan Yew

“I’ll follow you.” Mr Lee Kuan Yew wrote in Hard Truths: “I used to make sure once a year at least, sometimes twice a year, to take the whole family to Cameron Highlands or Fraser’s Hill for two weeks and play golf. My children would walk around the golf course with my wife and me. […]

Minimum wage is politics. Progress Wage Model is practical solution

Progressive Wage Model Minimum Wage Plus

A compassionate approach to helping low wage worker requires more than just a call for a minimum wage. It requires hard work to ensure the wage is sustainable, and more hard work to ensure an upward path for the worker. Many workers under the PWM is already earning more than the $1300 min that WP calls for. More than 78,000 workers have benefitted from the PWM. With the inclusion of the Lift and Escalator Industry, the PWM would

From co-driver to free-rider; the free-riding politics of Workers’ Party

Free Rider Workers' Party

The Workers’ Party promised a First World Parliament. But first world parliament did not materialized.

Next, they asked Singaporeans to make them the insurance for Singapore lest the PAP failed.

And then they told Singaporeans they had no intention to form the next government. They issued a bounced cheque.

First World Parliament floated away like a test balloon and the co-driver went to sleep. Enter the free rider.