It’s so easy to be the Opposition in Singapore and win

It's so easy to be the Opposition in Singapore and win

It is easy to be the opposition in Singapore and I’m not kidding. Let me tell you why. Take the Progressive Wage Model. It’s the brainchild of former minister and former secretary-general of NTUC, Lim Swee Say. Tripartite partners have been working hard since 2012 to implement the models for various sectors. The work continues. […]

Jamus Lim disappoints with his economic policies

Jamus Jerome Lim

Dear Singapore Matters, Since I moved to Sengkang only in July, I did not vote in Sengkang. Still, I was happy to keep an open mind and to give the elected WP MPs a chance. In particular, I had looked forward to hear some good alternatives from them as they had promised. After the election, […]

2020 and the relevance of the opposition to Singapore’s survival

opposition parties

2020 is the year where we have been tested as a people and as a country. It’s the year where every system in the country was put to the test, stressed and stretched. In a crisis of unprecedented proportion, where both our health and our economic survival were threatened, 2020 has shown how irrelevant the […]