Vital for Singaporean Youths to Embrace Globalisation


Covid-19 may have brought overseas travel to a halt, but it is still important for young Singaporeans to understand their region better and gain a global perspective on issues, said Mr Alvin Tan, Minister of State for Culture, Community and Youth, as well as Trade and Industry at a webinar for some 1,200 youth participants […]

Dr Tan See Leng responds to PSP Leong Mun Wai’s CECA concerns with facts and reasons

Dr Tan See Leng responds to PSP Leong Mun Wai's CECA concerns with facts and reasons

Addressing the unhappiness surrounding the CECA, Dr Tan See Leng said the heart of the matter is how, we as a small country devoid of any natural resources remain open to global talent to create opportunities for Singaporeans, while managing the attendant social repercussions. Singapore has a good Singaporean talent pool, but our pool is […]

Goodbye, Robinsons? Oh, hello again!


If you miss Robinsons, you’re not alone! ICYMI, Robinsons has once again opened its “doors” to shoppers last week – virtual doors, that is! Just in time for the season of sales. PSA: They are currently having their relaunch sale! Five months ago, in a move that surprised many Singaporeans who grew up with the […]

Creating a new generation of jobs for Singaporeans: Chan Chun Sing

Chan Chun SIng

In his speech at the launch of the Temasek Polytechnic Advanced Manufacturing Centre (TP AMC), at Temasek Polytechnic, Education Minister Chan Chun Sing shared with students on how Singapore can scale up its manufacturing sector qualitatively and be in niche areas that will make us hard to displace down the road. To do this, Singapore […]

BioNTech to establish Regional HQ and first mRNA facility in Singapore

BioNTech Regional HQ Singapore

BioNTech SE announced on 10 May its plans to establish its Regional Headquarters for Southeast Asia in Singapore. This is a key milestone in the Company’s international expansion. It follows the establishment of of its U.S. Headquarters in Cambridge, MA in 2020. In addition to selecting Singapore as its future regional headquarters, BioNTEch also plans […]

4G Leadership: why you can put your confidence in Chan Chun Sing

Chan Chun Sing - MOE MInister

“We cannot save every job and every business, but we will take care of every Singaporean. We will not let widespread unemployment erode the confidence and dignity of our people.” – Chan Chun Sing June 2020 – A common thread running through Chan Chun Sing’s speeches is the expressed determination to ensure a successful and […]

On Foreign Talent: My Side of the Story Working in a recruitment firm

On Foreign Talent: My Side of the Story Working in a recruitment firm

As someone who works in a recruitment firm, I work with many MNCs on their recruitment needs. Trust me, we want to hire Singaporeans. Why wouldn’t we take care of our fellow countrymen/women? Unfortunately, the sad truth is that as companies look to cut costs, more are looking for combined skillsets and experienced individuals with […]

Labour market looking up but retrenchments still loom.

In a joint statement, Mr Patrick Tay, executive secretary of BSFU, and Mr Max Lim, president of SBEU, shared that union leaders will provide support, advice and assistance to affected employees by the retrenchment

And just like that, we are into the second quarter of 2021. Although things are looking up for the job market, more retrenchments may still be on the cards. In the latest high profile retrenchment news in the banking sector, we saw the restructuring exercise of CIMB Singapore. Following a review of its business, CIMB […]