The conversation surrounding racism: Meant to divide, or unite?

Thoughts from a minority living in Singapore The feeling I get everytime I open my social media apps: Dread. Why? The never-ending slews of online debates regarding race, people coming forward to talk about their experiences with racism – doesn’t matter if it’s a minority or a majority – it seems like the R word […]

Tudung: change has to evolve gradually; Singapore cannot take precipitous changes

tudung issues in Singapore

SIX MONTHS AGO in August last year, Law and Home Affairs Minister Shanmugam met with Muslim religious leaders in a closed-door dialogue and told them that the government was considering allowing nurses to wear the tudung at work. But the closed-door dialogues and discussions on the tudung did not start six months ago. It started […]

Sudhir Vadaketh goes on a rant on the ‘leadership crisis’ in Singapore

Sudhir Vadaketh and wife having dinner with Lee Hsien Yang and Lee Suet Fern

Sudhir Thomas Vadaketh, a critic of the Government who once described singing ‘Majulah Singapura‘ as a ‘mindless demonstration of nationalism’, wrote a series he titled “Singapore’s leadership crisis” in which he took it upon himself to appraise the 4G leaders. Presenting his thoughts in a cocktail mix of fiction and embellishments, Sudhir writes these pieces […]

Our government is spoiling us and, inevitably, setting themselves up for failure.

PUB Water

From a water-scarce island with no natural aquifers or groundwater to a city with a sustainable supply of water, Singapore has overcome its water challenges by building a robust and diversified supply of water known as the ‘Four National Taps’. The four taps are: local catchment water, imported water, desalinated water and NEWater, Singapore’s brand […]