No international flights to and from Singapore and India since March 2020

Singapore to India Flights Banned Since March 2020

There are no international flights from India to Singapore, nor from Singapore to India. In a joint statement, MOT, MOM and MFA said that India has banned all international flights to and from Singapore since March 2020. Singapore Airlines can only operate cargo flights to India. Currently, the only passenger flights between Singapore and India […]

Is it true that all jobs offered in Singapore are not good jobs?


Singaporeans often complain that there are no good jobs for them, even though the Govt frequently pledges to create and match Singaporeans to jobs. However, is this claim true? According to MOM’s jobs situation report released last Wednesday, out of the 117,500 openings available in end-August, 85,330 were for PMET roles. Recently, it was announced […]

PWM has uplifted wages for workers without risking job loss, and minimising cost increases for consumers

PWM incomes for workers without risking job loss

98.3% are already earning more than $1300 a month. PWM will be extended to all sectors. With the PWM for the Lift and Escalator ready to phase in and the proposal for the Waste Mangement sector submitted, the number earning less than $1300 will be further reduced. With sectoral benchmarks for sectors currently without a PWM, what WP wants to achieve with MW is already achieved through PWM, WIS and these other policy measures.

Pritam Singh calls for universal minimum wage; netizens react

Pritam Singh minimum wage

A whole lot of loaded statements meant to tug at your heartstrings but offer no real, practical solution to lift the wages of the low-income group.

Uplifting the low wage worker is a complicated matter and it is done through a holistic approach that is more than just about a minimum wage.

It includes skills acquisition, homeownership and access to quality healthcare and education.

Our Helpers & Us: finding the right balance for a mutually happy relationship

helpers CDE

The law is clear on the deployment of FDWs. But reality is less clear as it is not always possible to draw a clear line between household chores arising from caregiving and household chores of other family members. The solution is to work out a mutually agreement arrangement to avoid misunderstanding or ambiguity.