Donovan Choy rebuts Jamus Lim’s claims on minimum wage

Donovan Choy rebuts Jamus Lim’s claims on minimum wage

When the economist David Card won the Nobel Prize this past Monday, I quipped to my coauthor Bryan Cheang that The Workers’ Party MP Jamus Lim – an ardent supporter of the minimum wage (MW) – would almost certainly leverage on this piece of news to double down on his fervent support for the MW. […]

Minimum Wage vs Progressive Wage Model: A Closer Look

Minimum Wage vs Progressive Wage Model

The first countries to pass minimum wage laws were Australia in 1907 and the United States Congress in 1938.  Fast forward to 2021, poverty remains a significant problem in these countries. Yet, we still have politicians pushing for something that does not work. Minimum Wage and its potential trade-offs in Singapore Loss of employment When […]

The risk of a political auction in minimum wage is real

political auction minimum wage

In Parliament, Dr Koh Poh Koon said that the risk of a blanket national minimum wage is the inevitable politicisation of minimum wage setting. In a political contest, a political party will likely come along to say $1500 reflects higher “moral imperatives”. Yet another will come and say $1300 is good, $1500 is better, but […]

How can anyone survive on less than $1300 a month?

minimum wage

The simple and straight answer is: you can’t. Not even if you earn the minimum of $1300 if you have a family to look after.

$1300 is too low to be of much help in lifting a low-income family.

This is why the Workers’ Party’s call for a national minimum wage of $1300 is more a political cry than a genuine attempt to uplift workers. It is set at a level that avoids a big reaction from the business community while at the same time, portrays the WP as a party that cares. 

PWM has uplifted wages for workers without risking job loss, and minimising cost increases for consumers

PWM incomes for workers without risking job loss

98.3% are already earning more than $1300 a month. PWM will be extended to all sectors. With the PWM for the Lift and Escalator ready to phase in and the proposal for the Waste Mangement sector submitted, the number earning less than $1300 will be further reduced. With sectoral benchmarks for sectors currently without a PWM, what WP wants to achieve with MW is already achieved through PWM, WIS and these other policy measures.

Legislate $1300 as the minimum and have your pay reduced to $1300

PAP Minimum Wage

Legislate $1300 as the mandated minimum wage and you will see 32,000 workers get a pay lift? Ya, right. In this current economic climate, the Government is paying a portion of salaries of 1.9 million Singaporeans through the Job Support Scheme in order to save your jobs. This support cannot go on indefinitely. The National […]

Mother fears special needs son will lose job with minimum wage

minimum wage special needs disabilities persons

Persons with disabilities¹ are not a homogenous group of people. There are people with disabilities whose productivity level will be low and they work under supervision as well. Work is encouraged as it gives a sense of independence and dignity, and a meaningful way to spend time, a social engagement as well which is good […]

Terry Xu goes on the offensive with NTUC

Terry Xu goes on the offensive with NTUC

In Terry Xu’s world, an effective union fighting for workers’ rights is one that is confrontational, where employers and employees are at odd with each other and the union must serve as a ‘counterweight’ to the government. Trade unions as ‘counterweight’ to the government? In his first May Day Rally message to Singaporean workers, Mr […]