Pritam Singh acknowledges the religious harmony in Aljunied GRC

Pritam Singh religious harmony

Our religious harmony, just like racial harmony, is always work-in-progress. It is precious but fragile. The religious harmony that Workers’ Party chief Pritam Singh observes in Aljunied GRC is reflected across the whole of Singapore. This harmony is a treasure that all Singaporeans can be proud of. It therefore warms the cockles of my heart […]

And let’s not yell unfair hiring, just bcos we weren’t hired

Unfair hiring opionion

Does unfair hiring take place? The answer is “yes” according to Mdm Ho Ching. But just because you are not hired, it does not mean hiring is unfair. In a Facebook post, Mdm Ho Ching wrote: Is it acceptable to complain about unfair hiring practices? Sure it is, provided it is based on facts, and […]