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Minister K Shanmugan on FICA

A person who is prepared to be thinking about issues sometimes has to change his views when he is faced with the real world and experiences. If a man looks at the facts, the real world and refuses to change his mind, he is either stupid or he is ideological, said Mr Shanmugam.

But that threat we face, as I said, are people armed with bazookas and I described this legislation as a toy gun. Because Singapore believes in the law, so we put forward the law, we give ourselves legal powers, but in reality, the kind of threats we face, the kind of adversaries and the resources they have in terms of manpower are far greater than what we have.

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Why WP Raeesah Khan must provide information for police investigation

WP Raeesah Khan must provide information to police for a proper investigation to be carried out on her allegation of the police's mishandling of a sexual assault case. This is because she made the allegation in a place no less than Parliament where every word is on record.

Not to carry out an investigation is to allow a record to stand unchallenged. If police are innocent, this record will be an unfair and unjust permanent stain on the police. If police had indeed mishandled the case as she alleged, an investigation will allow the due disciplinary process to follow. This is important to maintain the high standard of integrity and trust in the Police.

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