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The topic of having an unemployment insurance in Singapore is not new. In fact, since 2016, Labour MP Patrick Tay has broached the subject in Parliament and called for unemployment support for PMEs who are retrenched and transiting into their new jobs.

Having unemployment support can help tide them through this tricky transition period. This reduces the amount of stress that they undergo and the chance that they would pick an unsuitable job. Nevertheless, we should not forget that there’s a need to balance the support rendered. It should not become a disincentive to work.

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Why were the measures implemented to prevent the unvaccinated from dining-in or going to the shopping malls?

This is simply because the unvaccinated are 14 times more likely to fall seriously ill or die after getting Covid-19 as compared to the vaccinated. Hence, these differentiated measures are to protect them from getting exposed to the virus and falling seriously ill.

In addition, the unvaccinated are likely to require more medical care if they catch Covid-19, hence posing a higher strain on the healthcare sector.

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The news of Panasonic closing its factory in Singapore goes to show the importance of staying open and competitive.

NTUC and the United Workers of Electronics and Electrical Industries (UWEEI) union will support the affected workers and help them find new jobs. After the announcement on Thursday, several union leaders and industrial relations officers were at the Panasonic plants to speak with the affected workers.

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With globalisation and rapid technological advancement, business cycles are short and disruptions take place. Businesses that face difficulties may scale down or shut down. When this happens, jobs will be lost. This loss of jobs has nothing to do with Free Trade Agreements in general, or CECA in particular.

CECA does not take away jobs. On the contrary, it has the potential to create new jobs. The provision for free flow of natural persons in Chap 9 is for a temporary purpose to facilitate the movement of people who wish to travel to do business. More business start-ups means more jobs.

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NMP Abdul Samad Abdul Wahab, Vice President of NTUC Central Committee, who is also general secretary of the Union of Power and Gas Employees was visibly upset when he rose to speak in response to Leong Mun Wai's uncalled for attack.

Sometimes the loudest voice is the voice that kills the Singaporean worker. PSP Leong Mun Wai needs to get off his moral high horse and apologise to labour MPs and union leaders for his uncalled for attack on them in Parliament.

Union leaders work unceasingly for workers' wages, welfare and work prospects. The Progressive Wage Model is testimony of their hard work as EQUAL partner with their tripartite partners to negotiate better wages and career prospects for workers. NTUC's Job Security Council helps displaced and at-risk workers transit to new jobs, NTUC's e2i track where the job vacancies are and help match workers to these jobs with skills evaluation, training, counselling, career coaching. Labour MPs' push saw the Fair Consideration Framework, amendment to Employment Act and many more.

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Meet the people who have been faithfully speaking up and working to uplift low wager workers including the 'father' of Progressive Wage Model.

Mr Lim Swee Say believes that these workers must be assured of career progression and that wage growth should not be stagnant. He believes that workers can upskill, be promoted and hence receive higher salaries. Therefore, he designed the PWM to be a wage ladder rather than Minimum Wage which would become a wage ceiling. It is this unwavering belief that saw the birth of the PWM and the uplifting of lower wage workers!

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Implemented in 2016, the PWM for landscape has seen at least 2 reviews to update wage increases to ensure the relevance of the model and to attract younger workers. The latest review also added 2 new specialist roles to the industry.

For Singapore to be a City in Nature, it is not the job of just a few but everyone has a stake to make this vision real and achievable. Behind this ambitious goal, the contribution by our landscape maintenance workforce should be duly recognised.

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