Jamus Lim proposes having a wealth tax in Singapore

Jamus Lim wealth tax

In Parliament on 1 Nov, Workers’ Party MP Jamus Lim proposed imposing a wealth tax ranging 0.5 to 2 per cent in Singapore. He said this could help diversify Singapore’s revenue sources and reduce income and wealth inequality. Jamus also argued that the GST affects lower-middle and middle-income families disproportionately. He proposed a tax of […]

It’s so easy to be the Opposition in Singapore and win

It's so easy to be the Opposition in Singapore and win

It is easy to be the opposition in Singapore and I’m not kidding. Let me tell you why. Take the Progressive Wage Model. It’s the brainchild of former minister and former secretary-general of NTUC, Lim Swee Say. Tripartite partners have been working hard since 2012 to implement the models for various sectors. The work continues. […]

Donovan Choy rebuts Jamus Lim’s claims on minimum wage

Donovan Choy rebuts Jamus Lim’s claims on minimum wage

When the economist David Card won the Nobel Prize this past Monday, I quipped to my coauthor Bryan Cheang that The Workers’ Party MP Jamus Lim – an ardent supporter of the minimum wage (MW) – would almost certainly leverage on this piece of news to double down on his fervent support for the MW. […]

Jamus Lim in review on year on: tracing his journey from GE2020

Jamus Lim A Year Review

GE2020 saw the Workers’ Party pull another upset on the PAP by winning another GRC, a newly created GRC at that. Jamus Lim with his impressive credentials and accented English, is believed to be the main reason for WP’s win in Sengkang GRC. More than one year on, we look at the impressions Jamus Lim […]

In defence of teachers: let’s acknowledge their dedication to encourage them

Teacher Dedication To be Acknowledged and not Dismissed by Jamus Lim or Replaced by Shadow Education

I was shocked to hear A/P Jamus Lim belittle the hard work and dedication of teachers in Parliament. He attributed the success of our students to the ‘supplementary education’ (tuition) they received and implied that our teachers and education system has failed our students. I write in defence and support of our teachers, the vast […]

Irresponsible for Jamus to say that crisis speculation is good

crisis speculation

Simply put, it is irresponsible for Jamus to say that crisis speculation is good. What is so “novel” about A/P Jamus Lim’s fiscal policy recommendation in parliament? A/P Jamus proposed for transparency of our reserves and claimed that it could encourage a “stabilising effect” through currency speculation. Having seen the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis, I […]

Jamus ‘happy as a clam’ when he heard the government’s fiscal strategy

DPM Heng Swee Keat was happy to hear that WP Jamus Lim was ‘happy as a clam when he when he heard that our fiscal strategy reflected a number of elements that he had previously outlined.’ Excerpt from DPM Heng’s round-up speech: I was happy to hear that Associate Professor Jamus Lim was “happy as […]

Jamus Lim suggests reduced funding for primary schools that are popular

Popular Primary School

In a parliamentary question to the Minister for Education, Workers’ Party Jamus Lim asked the Minister for Education if he will make funding for schools ‘inversely proportional to the number of students accepted in Phase 2A. What does it mean for funds to be ‘inversely proportional’ to the number of students in Phase 2A? It […]

Jamus’ bold suggestion ignores the deterrent effect of criminal records

Jamus' bold suggestion ignores the deterrent effect of Criminal Record Singapore

A Zaobao article by Giam Meng Tuck describes WP Jamus Lim’s proposal to eliminate criminal records of non-violent crimes as naive and lacking in research. Mr Giam also pointed out that while the Opposition often fights for transparency, what the Government tries to do is balancing transparency with what is in the best interest of […]