Sengkang GRC resident rolls up his sleeve and turns neighbourhood cleaner

Sengkang GRC resident rolls up his sleeve and turns neighbourhood cleaner

With no cleaners in sight and rubbish piling up for weeks, Sengkang resident Khairi Johari decided to roll up his sleeve and turn neighbourhood cleaner to clear the rubbish. “The estate is starting to look like a slum and I most certainly don’t call a slum my home,” he said. This rubbish has been sitting […]

The drama that piles up on Jamus and the rubbish at Sengkang

Workers Party Jamus Lim PR Stunt in Sengkang

It all began when a Sengkang GRC resident, frustrated with the appalling state of cleanliness in her estate, posted photos and asked what happened to the estate. Others followed with more photos. The story was soon picked up by a Facebook page called Gong Simi Singapore which asked if the Sengkang Town Council was sleeping. […]

Class size reduction: who wants to be a teacher?

class size in singapore

Everyone loves a small class. In Australia, the student-teacher ratios fell from 25-to-1 in 1964 to 14-to-1 in 2015. Most of the fall occurred in the 1960s and 1970s as unions and school reformers pushed for smaller classes. Did the fall in the student-teacher ratios in Australia schools lead to the expected improvement in students’ […]

No relationship between class size and learning outcomes: OECD

No relationship between class size and learning outcomes said oecd singapore

The culture of seeking tuition is coded into our people’s DNA. This phenomenon has little to do with the efficacy of school teachers. It has got more to do with the mentality of wanting to be ahead, to have an edge over others. This, in itself, is not a bad thing because that is how […]

Jamus ignores the sufferings of people hurt by currency speculation

Jamus Ignores the Impact of Currency Speculation

Currency speculation, in particular, the speculation of the Singapore dollar, can take place with or without knowing the full size of our reserves. When Jamus called for the revelation of the full size of the Singapore reserves, what he is really asking for is a more ‘efficient’ speculative attack on the Singapore dollar. WP Jamus […]

This is about lives, not theoretical musings: DPM Heng to Jamus Lim

Jamus Lim Theoretical Musings

“Let us not play with fire. This is about the lives of our people, not theoretical musings,” DPM Heng Swee Keat said to WP Jamus Lim in Parliament, 26 February 2021. Mr Heng reiterated that it is not in our national interest to disclose the size of the reserves. Revealing the size of the reserves […]

Jamus’ idea to reveal the size of reserves is baffling: reader

Jamus Falls Short of Expectation

I recall the buzz and excitement, at least among my friends and Facebook feed, when Jamus Lim was introduced as WP’s candidate in GE 2020. I’m sure many of us can remember his impressive resume, which included stints in the World Bank and Abu Dhabi’s sovereign wealth fund, as well as qualifications from Harvard and […]

Currency speculation can be stabilising for the economy: Jamus

currency speculation

In Parliament, Workers’ Party Jamus Lim said that currency speculation can be stabilising for the economy. He was disagreeing with PAP MP Saktiandi Supaat (Bishan-Toa Payoh GRC) who said that revealing the size of the Singapore reserves would render the Singapore currency vulnerable to speculative attacks. “If we (the Singapore dollar) were off our fundamentally […]