The CMIO classification affirms multiracialism and matters more for minorities

The CMIO classification affirms multiracialism and matters more for minorities

There have been calls from some quarters – including the Workers’ Party – to abolish the CMIO classification. Some called for a relook of the model. They question if it is still relevant. Others claim that it makes us look at people through through the lens of race. In an op-ed written for the Straits […]

Embrace a global mindset, yet treasure your local identity: Chan Chun Sing

Chan Chun Sing

In his closing remarks to students at the Pre-University Seminar 2021 Virtual Closing Ceremony, Education Minister Chan Chun Sing exhorts them to embrace a global mindset while treasuring their local identity.  The minister was heartened to see their ‘determination and desire to co-create a vision for the future of our country’. Here’s the excerpt from […]

Mufti Nazirudin welcomes updates on tudung; exchanges letters with PM Lee

Mufti Singapore Dr Nazirudin Exchange Letters with PM Lee Hsien Loong on Tudung Matters

The Mufti of Singapore welcomes updates from the government on a likely shift in allowing Muslim nurses to wear the tudung at the workplace. In a letter to PM Lee that is dated 27 March, the Mufti Dr Nazirudin Mohd Nasir expressed Muis’ deep appreciation of the opportunity to ‘continuously provide feedback and inputs on many […]

Don’t import culture wars or allow issues of gender identity to divide our society: Lawrence Wong

Gender Identity

Speaking in Parliament on gender dysphoria, Education Minister Lawrence Wong reiterated that all medical treatment decisions, including the use of hormone replacement therapy, ultimately rest with medical professionals, the person with gender dysphoria and their family. “Such medical decisions are beyond the purview of MOE or any educational institution,” Mr Wong said. The Education Ministry’s […]