Should land for public housing in Singapore be priced at a nominal rate?

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You’ve heard this before: that land for HDB flats should be priced lower, even at a nominal fee of $1 because it is land for public housing. After all, land assets, as part of the reserves, belong to the people.  The problem with this line of reasoning is that public housing in Singapore has taken […]

Studies show strong support for using the Death Penalty for the Most Serious Crimes.

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Under Singapore’s laws, the death penalty is used as a punishment for the most serious crimes. To better understand Singapore residents’ views and perceptions on the death penalty, the Ministry of Home Affairs (“MHA”) commissioned and conducted the following three studies: Survey on Singapore Residents’ Attitudes towards the Death Penalty, conducted by the MHA Research […]

MHA responds to Pritam Singh’s death penalty commentary and points out errors

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The Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) has on Tuesday (6 September) responded to a commentary by the Leader of the Opposition, Pritam Singh, on the death penalty in Singapore, which was published by Today (“Death penalty for drug trafficking should stay, but certain aspects of drug law can be improved”) Broad agreement MHA noted that […]