Man told to marry his own race and not to prey on Chinese girl

Dave Parkash racial tolerance

“I used to believe that Singapore was moving in the right direction on racial tolerance and harmony. Based on recent events, I am not so sure anymore,” said Law and Home Affairs Minister Shanmugam in a Facebook post. Singaporean Dave Parkash had a most unpleasant encounter in which he felt embarrassed, humiliated and hurt. The […]

Extreme hardship and suffering as an occupied people under the Japanese

Japanese, Singapore, troops, force, British, attack, day, February, surrender

Never again, we remind ourselves. 3 years and 8 months of extreme hardship and suffering as an occupied people. This tiny island nation was the scene of the largest surrender of British-led forces ever recorded in history. It was 15 February 1942, the first day of the Chinese New Year, the Year of the Horse, […]