Three New Faces Unveiled in Sengkang GRC

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Three new faces have been unveiled as the new branch chairs of Sengkang Group Representation Constituency (GRC) earlier today (27 Mar). They are NUS Assoc Prof Elmie Nekmat; Ms. Theodora Lai Xi Yi, chief strategy officer of food website Burpple; and Mr. Ling Weihong, a lawyer, replacing Mr. Ng Chee Meng, Mr. Amrin Amin, and […]

The GRC system keeps political parties multiracial. Keep it, not abolish it.


Briefly speaking, the GRC system does two things:  Ensure minority representation in Parliament;  Ensure political parties are multiracial in composition. Of the two points, the second is lesser known. Most of us understand that the GRC system exists for the purpose of ensuring minority representation in Parliament. But not all agree that the system is […]

Sengkang GRC resident rolls up his sleeve and turns neighbourhood cleaner

Sengkang GRC resident rolls up his sleeve and turns neighbourhood cleaner

With no cleaners in sight and rubbish piling up for weeks, Sengkang resident Khairi Johari decided to roll up his sleeve and turn neighbourhood cleaner to clear the rubbish. “The estate is starting to look like a slum and I most certainly don’t call a slum my home,” he said. This rubbish has been sitting […]

The drama that piles up on Jamus and the rubbish at Sengkang

Workers Party Jamus Lim PR Stunt in Sengkang

It all began when a Sengkang GRC resident, frustrated with the appalling state of cleanliness in her estate, posted photos and asked what happened to the estate. Others followed with more photos. The story was soon picked up by a Facebook page called Gong Simi Singapore which asked if the Sengkang Town Council was sleeping. […]

Sengkang GRC residents unhappy with estate management

Sengkang GRC

More than half a year after the general election in 2020, life is settling back to ‘normal’ amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Sengkang GRC‘s residents are also settling down to a new normal under Workers’ Party. What do residents there have to say? Change of term contractor; 1 to 2 months needed to arrange manpower before […]

Workers’ Party Chief Pritam Singh Echoes PAP’s Call for Upskilling

Pritam Singh Google Upskilling & Retraining

In a Facebook post on 3rd December, Workers’ Party (WP) chief Pritam Singh, shared that he met with Google representatives last month. Over lunch, they discuss how the tech giant supports job opportunities for locals in Singapore. The Google team told Mr Singh and fellow Aljunied GRC MP, Leon Perera, that it has some initiatives […]

Pritam Singh acknowledges the religious harmony in Aljunied GRC

Pritam Singh religious harmony

Our religious harmony, just like racial harmony, is always work-in-progress. It is precious but fragile. The religious harmony that Workers’ Party chief Pritam Singh observes in Aljunied GRC is reflected across the whole of Singapore. This harmony is a treasure that all Singaporeans can be proud of. It therefore warms the cockles of my heart […]