Workers’ Party Chief Pritam Singh Echoes PAP’s Call for Upskilling

Pritam Singh Google Upskilling & Retraining

In a Facebook post on 3rd December, Workers’ Party (WP) chief Pritam Singh, shared that he met with Google representatives last month. Over lunch, they discuss how the tech giant supports job opportunities for locals in Singapore. The Google team told Mr Singh and fellow Aljunied GRC MP, Leon Perera, that it has some initiatives […]

MHA disappointed with UN’s decision on cannabis. Netizen reacts.

Many countries, losing the battle against Cannabis abuse, have decided to decriminalise its use instead. Overnight, the problem disappeared with one stroke of the pen. The UN Commission voted on Wednesday to remove cannabis from the list of most dangerous drugs such as heroin. Responding to this, MHA said that this could send a wrong […]