Jamus ignores the sufferings of people hurt by currency speculation

Jamus Ignores the Impact of Currency Speculation

Currency speculation, in particular, the speculation of the Singapore dollar, can take place with or without knowing the full size of our reserves. When Jamus called for the revelation of the full size of the Singapore reserves, what he is really asking for is a more ‘efficient’ speculative attack on the Singapore dollar. WP Jamus […]

Signing of RCEP is bright spot that points the direction ahead: Chan Chun Sing

Signing of RCEP

The bright spot that points the direction ahead. A timely boost to the longer-term prospects of the region. That’s how Trade and Industry Minister Chan Chun Sing described the signing of the RCEP (Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership). The RCEP is eight years in the making. Thanks to hard work and dedication from the team at […]

Universal minimum wage system is not suitable for Singapore

Universal minimum wage not suitable

In a forum letter published by Lianhe Zaobao, Dr Wu Zhengxiao, a Senior Lecturer in Singapore Management University (SMU) explained why universal minimum wage system is not suitable for Singapore. And here the translation of the forum letter: I recently read some articles about the minimum wage system. Many articles mentioned that the universal minimum […]

Free trade agreements open doors to better jobs for Singaporeans, says Heng Swee Keat

Free trade agreements

Trade agreements help draw investments from abroad, creates good jobs at home, and pave the way for Singaporean firms to invest overseas and be fairly treated there.

In a world where more and more countries are turning inwards and protectionist, and trade wars are being waged with ugly consequences, free trade agreements help to protect against unfair trading practices.

‘Standing still’ not an option in fast evolving ground realities: Chan Chun Sing

ground realities are fast evolving

THE WORLD HAS CHANGED IRREVOCABLY. The geopolitical environment that has allowed Singapore to thrive in the last 50 years has changed. To thrive in a fast-evolving landscape, the nation will need to continue to innovate with a purpose by turning possibilities, fuelled by passion, into reality. Geopolitical tensions Tensions between major powers are rising. Hopefully, […]

Singapore’s economy set for a strong recovery next year, GDP to grow by 7%

singapore economy

Singapore’s economy is set for a strong recovery next year after a deeper-than-expected slump amid the coronavirus pandemic. According to a report by the Asean+3 Macroeconomic Research Office (Amro), Singapore’s economy is expected to recover strongly next year with GDP expected to grow by 7% after shrinking 6% this year. The GDP growth forecast for this year […]