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With globalisation and rapid technological advancement, business cycles are short and disruptions take place. Businesses that face difficulties may scale down or shut down. When this happens, jobs will be lost. This loss of jobs has nothing to do with Free Trade Agreements in general, or CECA in particular.

CECA does not take away jobs. On the contrary, it has the potential to create new jobs. The provision for free flow of natural persons in Chap 9 is for a temporary purpose to facilitate the movement of people who wish to travel to do business. More business start-ups means more jobs.

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Ong Ye Kung speaks on the FTA strategy and the falsehoods surrounding CECA

"Simply put, we are too small to survive on our own, and we need to tap into global markets to earn a living, and be self-reliant. If we accept the basic reality that Singapore needs the world to earn a living, then we would realise the fundamental importance of all our FTAs. They are a keystone of the economic super-structure we have built. We could not have advanced the welfare of Singaporeans to the degree we have without FTAs.

When you attack FTAs, and worse if your attack succeeds, you are undermining the fundamentals of our existence, of the way we earn a living, all the sectors FTAs are supporting, and the hundreds of thousands of Singaporean jobs created in these sectors."

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