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We need FICA because small states like Singapore are often pawns in a game of global influence

As a small country, Singapore is seen by larger countries as a pawn in the larger game of global influence. And indeed, we have experienced foreign interference in our short history, including attempts to stir people's feelings against national service back when the national service policy was just started and unpopular. Then Foreign Minister S Rajaratnam had described the Singapore Herald as trying to erode the will of the people of Singapore.

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Kirsten Han

Democracy is not government of the people by people acting on behalf of foreign entities. The FICA will protect democracy.

At best, Kirsten Han is an activist whom diverse foreign agents have made a useful idiot of in her campaign against the Singapore government. At worst, Kirsten Han is an activist who knowingly consorts with diverse foreign agents in her campaign against the Singapore government. On its best day, the Bill can protect Singaporeans from Kirsten Han. On its worst day, the Bill can protect Kirsten Han from herself.

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"Parliament is not a forum for reading out speeches with an intent of putting it out in social media eventually. We need to engage on issues," Law Minister Shanmugam said. In so far as the points he raised in Parliament were concerned, the WP has not engaged them.

Why do we continue to be colonised in our minds that there is the only way of doing things properly, Mr Shanmugam asked. There is such thing called political will and political courage and a recognition that judicial process will not be appropriate when dealing with matters that rely heavily on sensitive intelligence and collaboration with foreign counterparts. "It requires some courage to say this is a problem and we will deal with it. This is the way we will deal with it and offer solutions, alternate solutions," Mr Shanmugam said.

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