WP Jamus Lim thinks today’s needs are bigger than tomorrow’s challenges

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In Parliament, the Workers’ Party (WP) had argued for more of the NIRC to be used as government revenue for spending. They had called for 60% to 70% of NIRC to be used. In an exchange with a netizen named Richard Weng, WP Jamus Lim said that it was about striking an appropriate balance between […]

Singapore’s political contestation will continue, likely to intensify

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Deputy Prime Minister Lawrence Wong spoke at the annual public service leadership ceremony on November 1, 2022. In his opening speech, he highlighted that the Public Service played a pivotal role in keeping Singaporeans safe during the Covid-19 pandemic, from keeping borders, checkpoints, hospitals, and vaccination centers running smoothly to reaching out to households and businesses to […]

Is it true that Leong Mun Wai made bogus allegations against the PAP Government?

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The Government did not spend a single cent to build Sports Hub. It is only right and fair that when the Government decides to terminate the Private Public Partnership (PPP) with SportsHub Pte Ltd, they should pay for the capital expenditure incurred by the PPP in the construction of Sports Hub. Anything less would be […]

GST from tourists. Why not? In 2019, tourism receipts was $27.7 billion

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Now that our borders are open, tourists will start to come back and we will be able to collect revenue from tourists’ spending through the GST. In pre-COVID time, the bulk of net GST collected came from tourists and foreigners residing here, in addition to high income earners. At least 60% in fact. 19 million […]

Can Singapore borrow to fund soft capital like education: Jamus Lim

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Sri Lanka’s financial crisis didn’t happen overnight. It began harmlessly enough. Sri Lanka operated budget deficit after budget deficit. Instead of taxes, they borrowed at commercial rates to fund public services. Everything was okay as long as they were able to repay the loans and interests on time. But when their sovereign credit rating was […]

A tale of 2 countries. Can Singapore end up like Sri Lanka?

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The late Mr Lee Kuan Yew (LKY) once described Sri Lanka as “a better city than Singapore”, and it has “a thick layer of educated talent” and “sterling reserves”. Tragically, Sri Lanka has been wasting away and badly wrecked, with dwindling supply of life-saving drugs and household essentials, civil unrest, and outstanding default on domestic […]