In Perspective: the failing newspaper model, a unique Singapore problem?

Why is SPH share price falling?

SPH’s recent plight and subsequent restructuring has been suggested to be a management issue, symptomatic of the uniquely Singaporean way of placing overpaid, under-qualified elites at the top. But is SPH’s plight really a problem unique to Singapore? A business model disrupted and broken by the internet Take a look beyond our shores. The newspaper […]

Emerging stronger together; making hard choices for the future generation

Singapore Budget 2021 - Emerging Stronger Together

“To emerge stronger from this crisis, we must not only tackle current challenges but also have a strategic plan for our future. But this entails making hard choices,” DPM Heng Swee Keat said. Budget 2021 – Emerging Stronger Together – comes at a particularly critical juncture. The first hard choice The first hard choice involves […]