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PSP's arguments have 'strong stench of xenophobia and racism', says CEO Devadas Krishnadas

Founder and CEO of Future-Moves Group Devadas Krishnadas described PSP Mr Leong Mun Wai and Ms Hazel Poa's conduct as 'deplorable'. He said they were not in the House to participate in discussion but to push a political 'red' button and to play to the fears and anxieties of many Singaporeans. Underlying their arguments was ‘a strong stench of both xenophobia and racism’.

FTAs and CECA are economic treaties which benefit Singapore and Singaporeans. They are not some conspiracy to ‘sell’ the country, Mr Devadas said. He accused PSP of engaging in 'ugly populist, conspiracy theorising, fear and hatred stoking politics' and asked if this is what we want for Singaporean politics and for Singapore.

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