Demystifying Help Schemes for Lower-wage Workers

cleaner at hawker centre

Every year, large sums from the Singapore annual Budget are set aside to support social spending in order to increase social mobility and help uplift those from low-income households. Lower wage workers have always been a vulnerable group that the Government has paid attention to. In case you missed this year’s National Day Rally speech, […]

Help the vulnerable without exposing their identities

protect vulnerable persons

Previously, we carried an article on how The Online Citizen (TOC) refused to apologise for misleading the public. The incident involved an elderly woman with dementia and TOC tried to create the falsehood that the police was bullying the woman. Police camera footage released showed that it was untrue. That incident showed how damaging it […]

MP Yeo Wan Ling: “Women Have Once Again Risen to The Occasion”

yeo wan ling with women workers

Labour MP, Yeo Wan Ling shared in a Ministerial Statement earlier this year that she once met with a rather distraught constituent who was very stressed out about managing her caregiving responsibilities at home. This lady’s husband suffers from OCD and she has three young ones with the youngest one being a child with special […]

What to do if you are retrenched in a time of Covid-19

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As more and more countries and companies are being impacted by Covid-19 which is proving to be a long term battle, news of retrenchment abounds. On 11 August 2020, it was announced that the Singapore economy contracted by 13.2 per cent on a year-on-year basis in the April to June quarter, worse than the 12.6 […]