Why plastic bag charges are a good thing for Singapore

plastic bags singapore

Most of us would have experienced this while holidaying in other countries like Japan, Korea and Taiwan – shops charging for plastic bags. Many of us would also have learnt to prep a tote bag while travelling for such cases and instances. So why do Singaporeans still complain when a supermarket chain announces that they […]

NTUC FairPrice’s role during Covid-19 in serving the community

I don’t think you can be a Singaporean without knowing what NTUC FairPrice is. But how many of us actually understand the story and mission behind this supermarket chain? FairPrice commonly criticised for being expensive Every time a new announcement is made pertaining to FairPrice, even if it’s good news like giving the Pioneer Generation […]

Food Folks @ Lau Pa Sat Wows With New Concept in CBD

Food Folks

I lost track of the number of times I’ve brought friends and business associates from overseas to Lau Pa Sat to try our local delicacies. The local beers, char kway teow, satay, prawn noodles and all in undisputedly Singapore’s nicest food centre never fail to impress my guests! Lau Pa Sat has received many facelifts […]

FairPrice on Wheels: Supermarkets made convenient for seniors

FairPrice on wheels truck

FairPrice on Wheels was first started in April 2020 during the circuit breaker. It is an initiative where vans filled with groceries were parked in five mature estates for residents’ shopping convenience. The trucks facilitated greater convenience during the pandemic by bringing groceries and necessities to the residents. This was especially helpful for the elderly, […]