With masterly strokes, Calvin Cheng exposes the hypocrisy of the opposition supporters

Calvin Cheng exposes the hypocrisy of the opposition supporters

Through a series of posts responding to WP Jamus’ and Raeesah khan’s social media posts, former NMP Calvin Cheng exposed the hypocrisy of the WP supporters, first by triggering them while confounding others, before concluding with an expose that left them speechless. The whole episode began with Jamus posting this: Learned a sweet bread called […]

Legislate $1300 as the minimum and have your pay reduced to $1300

PAP Minimum Wage

Legislate $1300 as the mandated minimum wage and you will see 32,000 workers get a pay lift? Ya, right. In this current economic climate, the Government is paying a portion of salaries of 1.9 million Singaporeans through the Job Support Scheme in order to save your jobs. This support cannot go on indefinitely. The National […]

A Story of Two Union Leaders and The Jurong Island Initiative

Union Leaders Karthikeyan Jurong Island

It was a rainy evening when I caught up with Mr K. Karthikeyan and Mr Muhammad Aswadi Salleh. A friend in the petroleum industry had told me about a lovely job-matching initiative that started on Jurong Island and have been ongoing for many, many years. Decades. “Gotong royong, the mutual support and community spirit is […]

Universal minimum wage system is not suitable for Singapore

Universal minimum wage not suitable

In a forum letter published by Lianhe Zaobao, Dr Wu Zhengxiao, a Senior Lecturer in Singapore Management University (SMU) explained why universal minimum wage system is not suitable for Singapore. And here the translation of the forum letter: I recently read some articles about the minimum wage system. Many articles mentioned that the universal minimum […]