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Diversity in education is our strength

We must build diversity in our schools and nurture soft skills that endure. Diversity is key to our resilience as a country and key to alleviating the unhealthy stress of pursuing the same definition of success.

How far we can move away from an over-emphasis on academic grades to truly embrace strength in diversity depends on the full participation and support of educators and parents, Education Minister Chan Chun Sing said.

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Any concerns about the GRC system can be addressed but don't throw out the baby with the bathwater. NMP Raj Joshua Thomas said that the GRC system is a uniquely Singaporean feature of our election that we must keep.

The GRC system is more than just about minority representation. It is about keeping politics in Singapore multiracial by ensuring that aspiring political parties are multiracial in their composition. This, in turn, will ensure that their are multiracial in their outlook. Removing it will have grave consequences.

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Racial intolerance goes against our founding values as a nation, and has no place in our society. Our multi-racialism is not a concept, Mr Chan said. It is our daily lived reality and source of pride. "It is a constant work-in-progress which we never take for granted, nor will we ever give up."

"These are tough times but more than ever, we need to stand united in meeting these challenges. The challenges do not define us. But how we rise to the challenges will define us."

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The CMIO classification affirms multiracialism and matters more for minorities

In a significantly Chinese-majority Singapore, the CMIO classification matters more for the minority. The model affirms multiracialism as the foundation of our identity and ensures official recognition of each community..

Removing it could lead to the potential erasure of the distinctive identities of each community, the end point of which is 'assimilation into the majority community', Assoc Prof Eugene Tan said. It would also cast doubt on Article 152 of the Constitution on the special position of the Malays and the interests of minority.

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The Government will never waver in their commitment to promote harmony among all races and ensure all Singaporeans enjoy full and equal opportunities in life. We must have the humility to acknowledge that our multiracialism is still work-in-progress and we must continue to press forward with the approach of mutual accommodation, trust and compromise, not jostling aggressively to assert one's identity and rights over others.

"Let us each be our brother’s keeper, our sister’s keeper, and let us move forward with a spirit of mutual respect and fellowship: educating each other about what matters to us, helping each other understand our different cultures, and finding the common stake we all have in one another."

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Majority must take extra step to make minority feel comfortable: Lawrence Wong

The majority must take extra step to make minorities feel comfortable because it is harder to be a minority in a multiracial society.

At the same time, it must be understood that the Chinese community is not monolithic. There exists a whole generation of Chinese who consider themselves disadvantaged in a English-speaking world, who would object to being characterised as 'Chinese privilege' because they have given up so much to sustain a multi-racial society: Chinese-language schools, Nanyang University, dialects and so on.

We must continue with our approach of mutual accommodation, trust and compromise, Mr Wong emphasised.

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Singapore's multiracialism preserves, protects and celebrates our diversity

Some have criticised policies saying they make us more race conscious. SAP schools have often been cited in this regard. But we also have Madrasahs, and a huge variety of Chinese, Malay and Indian cultural organisations. "Should all this be done away with on the grounds they are not inclusive of other races, other languages, other cultures, other traditions? Obviously not, for that is not what our commitment to 'one people, regardless of race, language or religion' entails," Mr Wong said.

Our multiracialism preserves, protects and celebrates our diversity. Being Singaporean is a matter of addition, not becoming less.

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Mufti Singapore Dr Nazirudin Exchange Letters with PM Lee Hsien Loong on Tudung Matters

Mufti Nazirudin welcomes the likely shift in policy on nurses wearing the tudung with their uniform and expressed deep appreciation of the opportunity to continuously provide feedback on many national issues including the tudung. In his reply, PM Lee thank the Mufti and MUIS for their support in Government's deliberations on the matter and said that change has to be carefully considered and gradual so that when it comes, it is understood by all communities and thus strengthen, rather than weaken, our social cohesion.

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