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What retirement? I'm ready for life! See you at "Ready for Life" Digital Festival!

Retirement is an exciting new beginning. The upcoming CPFB's inaugural "Ready for Life" Digital Festival (4 Dec to 5 Dec), is here to help you with the choices through a series of webinars and workshops.

Hear from experts at the Opening Forum to understand what makes for successful ageing and the key components of a good retirement plan. Check out webinars on elderpreneurship, volunteerism and empowering yourself, or practical online workshops where you can pick up DIY home repair skills, gardening tips and even Parkour for all ages.

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70,000 take advantage of the Matched Retirement Savings scheme; $40 million in top-ups.

70,000 members who made top-ups under the Matched Retirement Savings Scheme will receive $40m in matching grants from the government.

There are many more seniors out there who qualify for the scheme. Many may not be aware of the scheme or how to go about doing it. Or they may not even have the funds to do the top-ups.

But hey, the good news is that anyone can do the top-ups other than the members themselves. Their loved ones or employers can do the top-up for them. You don’t even need to be a family member to top-up the RA of an eligible member. Any members of the community can do so! 

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Almost $17 billion in interest credited to members' CPF accounts in 2020

"Return my CPF" is not only a hollow song. It is dead. People - including the young - are voluntarily topping up their CPF, and their parents' or spouse's CPF. Instead of rushing to withdraw their CPF at 55, more people are choosing to delay payouts beyond 65.

The number of people who voluntarily topped up their CPF last year (2020) was 40% more than the year before. This was despite last year being a difficult pandemic year. The tide has turned definitely against the lies and misinformation spread about CPF.

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