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Why we can't shut our borders like China, Australia and New Zealand

Larger, continental-sized or resource-rich countries like China, Australia and New Zealand can shut their doors and minimise the flow of people but Singapore cannot.

"They are able to keep things going with their own resources and people, and sustain a living with their own domestic demand. But Singapore is in a completely different position. We are a little red dot fully plugged into the world. Trade and travel are our lifeblood; they are existential issues. They are how, as a country, we earn a living and, remain relevant to the world."

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BioNTech Regional HQ Singapore

BioNTech's decision to establish its regional HQ in Singapore is a strong signal of the company's confidence in Singapore's fundamentals. “It will strengthen Singapore’s position as a leading hub for biopharmaceutical manufacturing, enhance our resilience in dealing with future pandemics, and strengthen our position as a critical node within the global vaccine value chain in addition to creating good jobs for Singaporeans.

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Stricter measures in response to community clusters

All individuals should limit their overall number of social interactions, to not more than two per day, whether visiting another household or meeting with friends/ family members in a public place.

To avoid an uncontrolled resurgence of community cases, everyone should avoid going to crowded places and stay home where possible. You should also keep your groups as small as possible and stick to a regular group of contacts. You should also stay home when you are unwell and see a doctor to get tested, and be vaccinated when it is offered to you.

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