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Meet the people who have been faithfully speaking up and working to uplift low wager workers including the 'father' of Progressive Wage Model.

Mr Lim Swee Say believes that these workers must be assured of career progression and that wage growth should not be stagnant. He believes that workers can upskill, be promoted and hence receive higher salaries. Therefore, he designed the PWM to be a wage ladder rather than Minimum Wage which would become a wage ceiling. It is this unwavering belief that saw the birth of the PWM and the uplifting of lower wage workers!

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Mental stress can happen anywhere, at home, in school or workplace.

The River Valley tragedy has taught us that mental wellness is of utmost importance. We can show empathy, listen to one another and choose to edify. In the workplace, a little kindness can go a long way. And a quick chat with a colleague can help us feel motivated and regain our strength again.

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All the isolation and separation has resulted in a mental health risk to our migrant workers. We can all do our part, by befriending our migrant workers and showing them some kindness and care.

Over the June holidays, more than 150 children banded together to bake cupcakes and cookies for some 7,000 migrant workers, to thank them for helping to build Singapore. This goes to show that you are never too young to contribute or show that you care!

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The Government will never waver in their commitment to promote harmony among all races and ensure all Singaporeans enjoy full and equal opportunities in life. We must have the humility to acknowledge that our multiracialism is still work-in-progress and we must continue to press forward with the approach of mutual accommodation, trust and compromise, not jostling aggressively to assert one's identity and rights over others.

"Let us each be our brother’s keeper, our sister’s keeper, and let us move forward with a spirit of mutual respect and fellowship: educating each other about what matters to us, helping each other understand our different cultures, and finding the common stake we all have in one another."

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COVID-19 will likely be endemic

COVID-19 will likely be endemic. With vaccination, the risk of infection and transmission are low. Infected people can self-isolate at home.

We already have an effective range of treatments which explains the low mortality rate here. Our researchers actively participate in the development of new treatments. The focus will shift from monitoring the daily number of infections to outcomes: how many fall very sick, how many in the intensive care unit, how many need to be intubated for oxygen, and so on. This is also how influenza is monitored.

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Changi Airport transmission likely occurred when worker assisted family from South Asia

Since the cluster emerged, the cases have peaked on 13 May with few cases thereafter. None of the infected airport workers are in serious condition.

The initial transmission could have occurred when an airport worker assisted a family from South Asia. The family arrived in Singapore on 29 April 2021. They were found to be positive for COVID-19 through their On-Arrival tests.

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