Debunking 3 common myths about the People’s Association

People's Association

The People’s Association (PA) – you know them as the people who handle your community spaces in your HDB estates, those who do community events – but who are they really? We debunk 3 common misconceptions (or ahem, conspiracy theories as sometimes conjured up by opposition parties) about these unsung heroes. Myth 1: The People’s […]

Does a single poverty line help you to identify who are the poor who really need help?

does a single poverty line help you to identify who are the poor who really need help

The Workers’ Party Jamus Lim renewed his party call for an official poverty line. He called for the establishment of a committee of government representatives, civil society leaders and academic experts to decide what the poverty line should be, and for all government assistance and policies to then be pegged to this threshold. Back in […]

Fresh Start Housing Scheme: a home to call their own

fresh start housing scheme a home to call their own

After 8 years living in a rental flat, Madam Zaidah Ismail, 57, finally has a place to call her own – a flat with a flexi lease agreement. Life after her divorce was tough. Mdm Zaidah had to contend with breast cancer while putting in long hours as a security guard. She jumped at the […]

Three New Faces Unveiled in Sengkang GRC

sengkang, branch, party, pap, serve

Three new faces have been unveiled as the new branch chairs of Sengkang Group Representation Constituency (GRC) earlier today (27 Mar). They are NUS Assoc Prof Elmie Nekmat; Ms. Theodora Lai Xi Yi, chief strategy officer of food website Burpple; and Mr. Ling Weihong, a lawyer, replacing Mr. Ng Chee Meng, Mr. Amrin Amin, and […]