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Diversity in education is our strength

We must build diversity in our schools and nurture soft skills that endure. Diversity is key to our resilience as a country and key to alleviating the unhealthy stress of pursuing the same definition of success.

How far we can move away from an over-emphasis on academic grades to truly embrace strength in diversity depends on the full participation and support of educators and parents, Education Minister Chan Chun Sing said.

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HBL no longer default if there is a covid-19 infection

Home-based learning is not a sustainable option as it has its limitations and is disruptive to students' learning and family's schedules. It should be used only as a last resort, Education Minister Chan Chun Sing said. Even when it is applied only to specific levels, the disruption is still significant. It will no longer be the default when there is a COVID-19 infection.

MOE will adopt a risk-based targeted approach instead, that will focus on placing close contacts and students from the same classes or CCA groups under LOA or QO. Placing more classes or levels on HBL remains an option should there be a risk of transmission beyond close contacts.

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Mental stress can happen anywhere, at home, in school or workplace.

The River Valley tragedy has taught us that mental wellness is of utmost importance. We can show empathy, listen to one another and choose to edify. In the workplace, a little kindness can go a long way. And a quick chat with a colleague can help us feel motivated and regain our strength again.

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school staff tested positive

Schools remain safe places for students, Mr Chan said. Full HBL comes at a significant cost to students' learning as well as emotional and mental wellbeing. Students are not necessarily better off as not all homes have a conducive environment for children. Teachers have to juggle the additional demands of preparing and conducting online lessons while taking care of their families, and parents scramble to make alternative care arrangements.

Going forward, a sustainable solution is a targeted approach to deal with COVID-19 in our schools.

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A straight-line trajectory for China to overtake the US is not a given. Neither is the pre-eminence of US to be taken for granted. Both have their domestic challenges. The US-China rivalry needs not end in conflict.

"Victory will depend on the power of their example, rather than the example of their power. And this starts from the domestic front." The ability to resolve their domestic challenges will lead to confidence in relating with each other as partners. Conversely speaking, the more they struggle to resolve their domestic challenges, the more they will fall prey to hardliners who desire to paint the other side as the cause of all their problems.

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Racial intolerance goes against our founding values as a nation, and has no place in our society. Our multi-racialism is not a concept, Mr Chan said. It is our daily lived reality and source of pride. "It is a constant work-in-progress which we never take for granted, nor will we ever give up."

"These are tough times but more than ever, we need to stand united in meeting these challenges. The challenges do not define us. But how we rise to the challenges will define us."

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Heartfelt gesture on racial harmony day brings light in our nation's hour of darkness: Chan Chun Sing

Today is Racial Harmony Day.

The heartfelt gestures of solidarity from different religious group coming to pray for the bereaved and students in the light of the recent tragic event at River Valley High School, has brought light in our nation’s hour of darkness, Mr Chan said. "They embody the inherent understanding that before all else -- we are fellow Singaporeans."

This multi-racial Singaporean identity that we have today is a legacy that each and everyone of us must safeguard in our daily words and deeds, and through mutual respect and care for one another, Mr Chan said.

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BioNTech Regional HQ Singapore

BioNTech's decision to establish its regional HQ in Singapore is a strong signal of the company's confidence in Singapore's fundamentals. “It will strengthen Singapore’s position as a leading hub for biopharmaceutical manufacturing, enhance our resilience in dealing with future pandemics, and strengthen our position as a critical node within the global vaccine value chain in addition to creating good jobs for Singaporeans.

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