Debunking 3 common myths about the People’s Association

People's Association

The People’s Association (PA) – you know them as the people who handle your community spaces in your HDB estates, those who do community events – but who are they really? We debunk 3 common misconceptions (or ahem, conspiracy theories as sometimes conjured up by opposition parties) about these unsung heroes. Myth 1: The People’s […]

Respect and tolerance are the cornerstones of society, not English language proficiency

respect and tolerance are the cornerstones of society not english language proficiency

On February 27th, the Secretary-General of the Workers’ Party, Pritam Singh, proposed in Parliament that English language proficiency be used as a selection criterion for new immigrants. Language, religion, and race are sensitive issues that can touch the nerves of many people, resulting in newspaper comments and public discussions. This proposal has no practical effect […]

Less discrimination of ex-offenders in the workplace but more can be done

less discrimination of ex offenders in the workplace but more can be done

Through the findings from three dialogues with ex-offenders and inmates, discrimination at the workplace has lessen but more can be done to cultivate a more inclusive work environment. The dialogue sessions were organised as part of the #EveryWorkersMatters Conversations. National Trades Union Congress (NTUC), together with co-hosts Yellow Ribbon Singapore (YRSG) and Singapore Prison Service […]

99-year lease is only way to recycle land for future generations to buy BTOs 99 year lease is only way to recycle land and ensure future generations can buy their own btos 99 year lease is only way to recycle land and ensure future generations can buy their own b 1

Today, over 80% of Singaporeans live in public housing. Compared to public housing in most parts of the world, our HDB flats and home ownership model is the exception rather than the norm. Singapore’s housing policies have been uniquely successful. We are the only major city in the world where nearly every young couple getting […]

The Padang: venue of largest protest, site of longest queue in Singapore’s history

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Gazetted on Singapore’s 57th birthday, the Padang is Singapore’s 75th national monument. This open space holds shared memories as a nation, Minister for Culture, Community and Youth Edwin Tong said. Gazetting it as a national monument protects the site from alteration and change that would affect its character and significance, while allowing it to continue […]