In the wake of the collapse of FTX, here are some misconceptions 

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The FTX Exchange (“FTX”) was a centralized cryptocurrency exchange with derivatives and leveraged products. FTX was founded in 2018 by Sam Bankman-Fried, an MIT graduate and former Jane Street Capital international exchange-traded funds trader. Due to its collapse, many misconceptions have arisen, so the Monetary Authority of Singapore (“MAS”) released a statement on November 21 […]

Should Buy Now, Pay Later scheme be allowed for Migrant Domestic Workers?

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Responding to a Parliamentary Question (“PQ”) on the Buy Now, Pay Later (“BNPL”) scheme Filed by MP Mr Desmond Choo on 5 April 2022. The Monetary Authority of Singapore (“MAS”) assessed that the BNPL scheme does not pose any significant risks of consumer indebtedness and will continue to monitor the situation. However, mobile phone retailers […]

World has to act against inflation before it becomes a serious problem: PM Lee

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Inflation is rearing its ugly head, causing hardships in the world. Singapore is not immune to it. In April this year, Singapore Monetary Authority (MAS) tightened its policy, the third time in six months, as it aims to “slow the inflation momentum and help ensure medium-term price stability”. It also raised its forecast for core […]

Are there compelling reasons to raise GST?

Are there compelling reasons to raise GST?

Our population is ageing rapidly. By 2030, approximately 900,000 citizens or one in four citizens will be aged 65 and older. For sure, healthcare expenditure will go up. Since the last time the GST was raised in 2007, public expenditure has gone up significantly. Between 2007 and 2019, government spending more than doubled from S$33 […]