Dr Lam to head Paediatric Ophthalmology and Adult Strabismus Service he set up at EEC

Dr Lam Pin Min


6 years after he left Eagle Eye Centre to serve in the Ministry in August 2014, Dr Lam will be back at Eagle Eye Centre (EEC) to head the unit he helped set up before he left.

“The ability to embrace change with confidence and hope is my formula and it has put me in good stead to handle any eventualities and uncertainties in the future.”

Progressive supra-nuclear palsy diagnosed in Dr Lee Wei Ling

Lee, Hospital, Paediatric

A Facebook post by Dr Lee Wei Ling revealed that she had been diagnosed with progressive supra-nuclear palsy. In its early stages, progressive supra-nuclear palsy is similar to Parkinson’s disease. Symptoms include slow physical movements, impaired vision and balance, resulting in a tendency to fall. Following this, there is a risk of choking, aspiration, pneumonia, […]