Singaporeans who manipulate tokens are thick-headed and sabotage the country: infectious disease expert


Come on, don't sabotage your own country. The token has no cellular or internet connectivity. It just captures the presence of other tokens via Bluetooth signals.

These data stay with you unless you become COVID-19 positive.

Apparently, some Singaporeans have tried to modify the TraceTogether to avoid being tracked, breaking open to remove the battery and even swapping the QR code on the device with that of another, The New Paper reported.

Why do they want to do this? The TraceTogether has helped to keep them and Singapore safe. It does this by speeding up the contact tracing process from four days to less than two days.

A spokesman from Smart Nation and Digital Government Group (SNDGG) said: “Any deliberate or mischievous act to tamper with the is a criminal offence under the Computer Misuse Act.”

Irresponsible and thick-headed; sabotaging Singapore

Infectious disease expert Leong Hoe Nam said that those who tamper with the are irresponsible and put others at risk. “Manipulating the token is akin to sabotaging your country. Why are they so thick-headed?” he said.

No need to worry

We are intelligent enough to understand how TraceTogether works. We need not be misled by misinformation alleging state surveillance.

No internet or cellular

The has no internet or cellular connectivity. It uses Bluetooth signals to record other nearby TraceTogether devices. It does not capture GPS or geolocation data.

The encrypted data stays with you on your device. You surrender the data to only if you test positive for COVID-19, in which case the data will be helpful to the authorities to do contact tracing of people in close proximity with you.

Given the current rate of infections in Singapore, this means that more than 99% of the data collected never enter government hands.

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How long do data stay in the device?

Not more than 25 days. Data more than 25-day old are purged from the device.

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Property of Singapore Government

The TraceTogether is government property. You can be prosecuted for damaging it. But if you’re curious to know what’s in it, here’s a video you can watch to satisfy your curiosity. Don’t let curiosity kill the cat.



No time to watch the video?

Just read this photo.



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