Who are our Labour MPs? What sets them apart from the other MPs?

Singapore MP from NTUC

By now everyone has probably heard enough about NTUC’s symbiotic relationship with the PAP. Members First, Workers Always. #EveryWorkerMatters. More PMEs need to join unions… and so on.

If you also haven’t noticed, some of the faces of NTUC are also the same faces you’ve probably seen in parliamentary debates, or around your neighbourhood if you’re lucky enough to have any of them as your MP. But, what sets them apart from the other MPs?

Before we dive deeper, let us equip you with some terms that you may have heard, so you don’t have to multitask and google while reading;

Tripartism in Singapore

Tripartism NTUC SNEF MOM



Now that you understand the relationship better on an organizational level, let’s look at what our Labour MPs do.

Work In The Labour Movement

Within NTUC, each of the Labour MPs has different portfolios, and take on a specific worker type that spans across different industries. They spend their time learning about these workers and their jobs, to understand their pain points, and what they need so they can identify areas for improvement.

Taking A Stand

This translates to their role in the parliament, where they question existing policies, and make suggestions for policies that can do better for Singaporeans. For our Labour MPs, it is also an opportunity for them to represent the workers of Singapore, and to push for policies that can protect their wages, welfare, and work prospects, and do better by them.

Our Voices in Parliament

Let’s look at what our Labour MPs and Nominated MP spoke about at the Debate on the Budget 2021 Statement in February where they shared their aspirations as our Labour Movement looks to do more to protect our workers and their jobs.

Here are their key Budget calls:

  • In his maiden speech, NMP Abdul Samad asks employers to make local workers their employees of choice
  • Tampines GRC MP Desmond Choo wants to enhance the protection of our youths and freelancers
  • Jalan Besar MP Heng Chee How believes older workers can adapt, so employers should too
  • Marine Parade MP Fahmi Aliman wants to uplift the welfare and wages of essential workers
  • Marine Parade MP Seah Kian Peng wants to develop a good online culture
  • Pioneer SMC MP Patrick Tay wants to boost employment and employability of vulnerable PMEs
  • Pasir Ris – Punggol GRC MP Yeo Wan Ling wants to offer women greater choice, protection and potential at the workplace
  • Radin Mas SMC MP Melvin Yong wants us to prepare for a work-from-anywhere, work-from-home culture
  • Tampines GRC MP Koh Poh Koon, who has recently left NTUC, lobbied for faster wage growth for our lower-wage workers

Change doesn’t happen overnight. It takes thankless tireless hard work, and the commitment to keep going at it for years. The needs of the working population are ever-evolving. Thankfully, we have our Labour MPs who have been fighting for workers from all walks of life. To protect the interests of those who are underserved.

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