Sengkang GRC resident rolls up his sleeve and turns neighbourhood cleaner

Sengkang GRC resident rolls up his sleeve and turns neighbourhood cleaner

With no in sight and rubbish piling up for weeks, Sengkang resident Khairi Johari decided to roll up his sleeve and turn neighbourhood cleaner to clear the rubbish.

“The estate is starting to look like a slum and I most certainly don’t call a slum my home,” he said.

This rubbish has been sitting there for 3 weeks already, he said. 👇

“Every week sent to report to Town Council – This is Workers Party jurisdiction by the way and it is getting bad to worse. Didn’t have such problems with managing before this. The main bin at the lobby is even worse. So where are the rubbish supposed to go?” he asked.

Service and conservancy fees went up

According to Khairi, he has not seen a cleaner for 4 weeks already.

“Why increase the service and conservancy fees then? Why am I paying the town council for?”

Ownself help ownself

“When the Town Council is not responding to your reported cases and the MPs adopt a nonchalant attitude to the plight of residents. Who else can you turn to for help? If Town Councils fail to take immediate action, and appointed MPs fail to manage, who else can we count on? Keep on waiting and hoping that something will be done?” he asked.

“We have to take matters into our own hands. Ownself help Ownself,” he said.

“One must really contemplate if cleanliness cannot be managed, what more is there to talk about managing a country? Manage estate cleanliness well then we’ll decide if you are suited to run a country!!!

With rubbish piling up, Khairi claimed that the Workers’ Party is indirectly encouraging neighbour disputes.

His advice to the Workers’ Party is to ‘stop blaming it on covid and restrictions’. Khairi has had to put up with choked rubbish chute and rubbish not collected for weeks.

Watch Khairi and son cleaned up the piles of rubbish:

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