Salary criteria for EP, S Passes raised because of slack in labour market

Salary criteria for EP

Developing a strong Singaporean by investing in Singaporeans and ensuring fair opportunities.

Fair Employment and opportunities

Our foreign workforce policies are designed to support economic growth so as to create good jobs for Singaporeans, Manpower Minister Josephine Teo said.

Today, nearly 6 in 10 locals in the workforce are in PMET jobs. This is among the highest in the world.

For every one EP holder, there are nearly 7 locals in PMET jobs.

Foreign workforce polices are regularly calibrated to respond to changing needs and situations. The regular calibration ensures firms are able to access the manpower they need while ensuring a strong core, Mrs Teo said.

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Criteria for EP and S Passes to be raised

With COVID-19 and the economic disruption it has caused, there is now more slack in the market, Mrs Teo said.

“We will therefore make further adjustments to our foreign workforce policies, including raising the criteria for EP and S Passes, to reflect the changed conditions,” said Mrs Teo.

Mrs Teo said that the crisis makes it all the more important that employers give fair treatment to Singaporeans even as we stay open to the world to accelerate our recovery.

“We will ensure that employers uphold both the letter and spirit of the Fair Consideration Framework. We will closely examine exercises to ensure they are carried out fairly.”

Businesses will also be required to invest more effort to develop and strengthen their core even as they bring in skills in short supply.

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