Rising inflation: change the government and the storm will be stilled? You’ve got magic then.

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For 5 cents, there are Singaporeans who will want this government voted out.

If you look at the number of ‘likes’ such comments attract, they always far outnumber the sensible ones that take in the reality of the world we live in.

This is why we ask ourselves: how long will the PAP be government?

People mire themselves in ignorance to dwell in their own created miseries (like transport operators are taking from them) and reaffirm each other’s discontent and hate in their echo chambers. Their numbers grow and grow.

We are among the lone voices trying our best to shout as loud as we can to bring some sense to their world of make-believe. It’s not a welcome message.

Our loudest shout is just like a squeak.

Transport operators are running a profit? Nah! If not for a whopping $2 billion in subsidies from the government, they would be in the red year after year. That’s right. Your fares are being subsidised by the government.

And our transport fares are among the lowest in the world. Appreciate that. If you’re a senior citizen, for a dollar or less, you travel from one end of the MRT line to the other.

It’s tough times because the world is in for a perfect long storm and we are in the world. We buy almost everything from the world. We do not have a choice.

The world is experiencing high inflation. Better pray it does not become a stagflation. Take it from Tharman. We’re in for higher-for-longer inflation and slower growth. Slower growth means fewer jobs. Hopefully, you do not lose your job.

Change the government and the storm will be stilled? Well, you’ve got magic then.

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