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Why WP Raeesah Khan must provide information for police investigation

WP Raeesah Khan must provide information to police for a proper investigation to be carried out on her allegation of the police's mishandling of a sexual assault case. This is because she made the allegation in a place no less than Parliament where every word is on record.

Not to carry out an investigation is to allow a record to stand unchallenged. If police are innocent, this record will be an unfair and unjust permanent stain on the police. If police had indeed mishandled the case as she alleged, an investigation will allow the due disciplinary process to follow. This is important to maintain the high standard of integrity and trust in the Police.

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The Online Citizen

The Online Citizen has it coming anyway after it told IMDA that it did not intend to comply with the Broadcasting Act. The IMDA has suspended its class licence from 14 September. TOC had tried to negotiate with IMDA, offering to provide the 'necessary declaration' on condition that IMDA gives assurance that it would not seek further clarifications regarding its subscription framework and its funding sources. 

This, of course, was rejected by the IMDA which said that full transparency is a requirement by law and not a matter for  negotiation. 

With the suspension, it means that TOC would have to stop posting any more articles on its websites and its social media channels and accounts such as its Facebook and Twitter pages. TOC will have to disable them by 3 pm on 16 September 2021. It is also not allowed to operate any new licensable broadcasting services online.

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The timing of the Malaysian army's video on a para troop exercise reminds us of Pukul Habis which also took place on our National Day in 1991. Pukul Habis means 'total wipeout'. It was a joint exercise between Malaysia and Indonesia and took place just 20km away from Woodlands.

The Singapore Government responded to the exercise with a massive mobilization that saw thousands of NS men called back.

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Chan Choy Siong

The fight by the PAP Women's Wing (WW) for women's rights and development began in 1959 culminating in the Women's Charter, and continues through the years. The Women's Charter saw several updates including in 2016 and 2019. The discourse and conversations continue as society evolves and technology changes.

The past year saw more dialogues and conversations culminating in 12 recommendations which Chairman of the WW said would be presented to the Government for consideration.

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Any concerns about the GRC system can be addressed but don't throw out the baby with the bathwater. NMP Raj Joshua Thomas said that the GRC system is a uniquely Singaporean feature of our election that we must keep.

The GRC system is more than just about minority representation. It is about keeping politics in Singapore multiracial by ensuring that aspiring political parties are multiracial in their composition. This, in turn, will ensure that their are multiracial in their outlook. Removing it will have grave consequences.

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PSP's arguments have 'strong stench of xenophobia and racism', says CEO Devadas Krishnadas

Founder and CEO of Future-Moves Group Devadas Krishnadas described PSP Mr Leong Mun Wai and Ms Hazel Poa's conduct as 'deplorable'. He said they were not in the House to participate in discussion but to push a political 'red' button and to play to the fears and anxieties of many Singaporeans. Underlying their arguments was ‘a strong stench of both xenophobia and racism’.

FTAs and CECA are economic treaties which benefit Singapore and Singaporeans. They are not some conspiracy to ‘sell’ the country, Mr Devadas said. He accused PSP of engaging in 'ugly populist, conspiracy theorising, fear and hatred stoking politics' and asked if this is what we want for Singaporean politics and for Singapore.

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Ong Ye Kung speaks on the FTA strategy and the falsehoods surrounding CECA

"Simply put, we are too small to survive on our own, and we need to tap into global markets to earn a living, and be self-reliant. If we accept the basic reality that Singapore needs the world to earn a living, then we would realise the fundamental importance of all our FTAs. They are a keystone of the economic super-structure we have built. We could not have advanced the welfare of Singaporeans to the degree we have without FTAs.

When you attack FTAs, and worse if your attack succeeds, you are undermining the fundamentals of our existence, of the way we earn a living, all the sectors FTAs are supporting, and the hundreds of thousands of Singaporean jobs created in these sectors."

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