Tim, 49, is the oldest A-level inmate student at prison school

prison school

At 49, Tim (not his real name) is the oldest A-level inmate student at prison school. The school is located at Institution Tanah Merah 1. Jovial and chatty as he talked about his A-level results, his world was different in 2008 when he was caught. He collapsed and dreaded the fate that awaited him. 13 […]

Don’t import culture wars or allow issues of gender identity to divide our society: Lawrence Wong

Gender Identity

Speaking in Parliament on gender dysphoria, Education Minister Lawrence Wong reiterated that all medical treatment decisions, including the use of hormone replacement therapy, ultimately rest with medical professionals, the person with gender dysphoria and their family. “Such medical decisions are beyond the purview of MOE or any educational institution,” Mr Wong said. The Education Ministry’s […]

School fees for citizens to remain unchanged with primary education free

School fees for Singapore citizens, permanent residents and international students from ASEAN will remain unchanged, the MOE said in a media release. However, there will be moderate adjustments to the school fees for non-ASEAN international students. Fees for them will go up by between $25 to $50 a month. The revised fees will take effect […]

Fostering a child and the attitude of self-entitlement

Fostering a child

Fostering is about the child. It is not about giving someone an opportunity to be a foster mother. A foster child does not come in to fill a need. The child comes with many needs to be filled. We are talking about vulnerable children with a traumatic past. Children who did not find love and […]

Give Teachers More Rest to Recover from 2020, says Unionist from Singapore Teachers’ Union


Remember that fateful day in April 2020 when PM Lee announced the shift to full home-based learning for students in all schools and institutes of higher learning? A home-based working mum’s nightmare. Now, imagine you were a teacher, working from home, managing e-learning with young children of your own. Shudders. Almost overnight, teachers have had to scramble […]

The new PSLE scoring system and cut-off points for secondary school placement 2021

PSLE Primary School Leaving Examination

Come next year, the new PSLE scoring and school placement system will kick in. To help the first batch of students – the current P5 cohort – and parents familiarise themselves with the new scoring system, MOE has released the indicative Achievement Level (AL) Cut-Off Point (COP) ranges for different school types and the Subject-Based […]

Two special education schools to redevelop and co-locate to serve special needs students

Chaoyang School for special needs students

As part of  MOE‘s continuing efforts to support students with Special Educational Needs, two Special Education (SPED) schools serving students with mild intellectual disability (MID) will be redeveloped and co-located in Ang Mo Kio from 2025. The two schools are Chaoyang School and Tanglin School. Minister of State for Education, Ms Sun Xueling announced the […]

Big honour to be sole recipient of President’s Scholarship, says Alyssa Marie Loo

Alyssa Marie Loo school

The ruler by which our government measures recipients is highlighted intensely by the online community recently. The main complaint is the efficacy of grooming leaders through this system. Elitism One concern of this outcry is indeed valid; inculcating a culture of elitism. Long have we trumpeted the success of our education system. The 1990s and […]