Our teachers work way beyond what is expected of them in taking care of our children: Chan Chun Sing

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As Teachers’ Day draws near, Education Minister Chan Chun Sing wants to dedicate a virtual gift to the great education fraternity who had been a ‘circle of suport’ for our students.

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“Over the last few months, every time I enter a school and see our children once again playing group sports, performing together or excitedly sharing ideas at the canteen, I think of all the people who make this environment and these experiences possible for our children,” Minister Chan said.

“I would like to extend my appreciation to each and every one of you this Teachers’ Day.”

“From the moment you enter school, you see an entire community at work. From the Operations Manager patrolling the grounds to the admin staff at the front desk, and the ICT Managers trouble-shooting tech issues, our schools are an interdependent ecosystem,” said Mr Chan.

In the classrooms, alongside our dedicated teachers, are Allied Educators, counsellors and teachers trained in special needs, work alongside dedicated teachers in the classrooms. Each of them is a key link in this community, he said.

“We saw the strength of this system being put to the test over the last few years, but we persevered and prevailed… thanks to this resilient community, who worked closely with each other with the students’ wellbeing at heart,” he added.

The work of teachers in the classroom is often not visible to the rest of us. During the pandemic, their workload more than doubled. 

Mr Chan noted earlier in March this year that our teachers work “way beyond” what is expected of them when taking care of children.

He said at that time that the way in which teachers attended to their students even after their work hours was “immeasurable”. It “speaks to the quality of Singapore’s educational workforce” and made the education system continue to function notwithstanding the Covid-19 pandemic

Happy Teachers’ Day!


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