Our government is spoiling us and, inevitably, setting themselves up for failure.

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From a water-scarce island with no natural aquifers or groundwater to a city with a sustainable supply of water, Singapore has overcome its water by building a robust and diversified supply of water known as the ‘Four National Taps’.

The four taps are:

  1. local catchment water,
  2. imported water,
  3. desalinated water and
  4. NEWater, Singapore’s brand of highly-purified reclaimed water.

Water supply is just one part of the equation.

is also about managing demand and the impact of water on the environment.

This is why we encourage individuals and organisations in the people, public and private sectors to take joint ownership of our water resources and contribute towards Singapore’s water sustainability.

When water supply to Fong Cheng Wah’s block was disrupted due to burst water main, he said in a Facebook post that within a span of 4 hours, several officers had visited his four times to apologise, explain and to deliver packets of potable water.

“I have lived overseas and in most countries, residents will be left to fend for themselves,” he said.

“Our government is spoiling us and, inevitably, setting themselves up for failure,” Mr Fong said.

“Customer service is one thing that can never fully satisfy people. The more you give, the more people expect.”

Can’t help but agree with him. What about you?

For issues such as major pipe bursts and water interruptions, has a 24-hours Call Centre at 1800-2255-782 (Toll-Free Line).


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