NTWU partners Temasek Foundation to distribute more than 20,000 oximeters to transport workers

NTWU distribute oximeters to transport workers

The National Transportation Workers’ Union (NTWU) has partnered with Temasek Foundation to distribute more than 20,000 oximeters to the transport workers to encourage them to monitor their health regularly, and at the same time, express their recognition of their efforts as frontline workers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

An oximeter is a portable device that can be used to check blood oxygen levels in the blood and can help detect early signs of a deterioration in health.

In a Facebook post, Mr Melvin Yong, Executive Secretary of NTWU wrote “As frontline workers, our members are more exposed and therefore more vulnerable to the virus. Some of our bus captains contracted COVID-19 when the virus was spreading across the bus interchanges a few months ago. We are glad to hear that they have recovered and returned to work.”

The Labour MP also added that the NTWU will continue to work towards ensuring a safe workplace for transport workers while enhancing their welfare.

In addition to the oximeters, the union will also be distributing gift packages to members in December.

Always looking out for the transport workers

NTWU has since launched a series of programs to help its members, such as arranging for accommodation and providing meals at discounted rates for bus captains affected by the tightening of the border measures.

transport workers collecting herbal tea
An NTWU member collecting herbal tea.

To raise awareness amongst the members on the importance of staying healthy, and that prevention is better than cure, the NTWU Canteens also started to give herbal tea to its members on every last Friday of the month since March 2020.

As Singapore continues its fight against Covid-19, it is certainly heartening to know that our frontline workers are being taken care of and protected while they work on the front line during the COVID-19 pandemic!

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